Soprano Cornet for sale

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by tfl25, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. tfl25

    tfl25 New Member

    A Boosey Solbron Class A sop, age not known. Valves and slides move freely. Some silverplate wear, and a few dings in the usual places, but nothing to stop it being played by someone wanting a cheap sop.
    Offers invited. It can be tried in NE London (South Woodford).

    Please pm if you are interestedl
  2. ben16

    ben16 Member

    this is really really old, right? (pre-1930) is it high pitch?
    might be interested
  3. tfl25

    tfl25 New Member


    Lists on the internet seem to indicate that it's from 1922, in which case its condition seems quite remarkable to me!
    I must admit I had forgotten about high/low pitch. I'm not a cornettist, but if you can hang on until next week, I'll ask someone at band to sound it in front of a tuner.

  4. tfl25

    tfl25 New Member

    Just to confirm, it is pitched the same as a modern instrument.

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