Soprano Cornet at Brighouse and Rastrick

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  1. kiwiinoz

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    Hello all. I have been listening and watching bands play on the Whit Friday competition and wonder who was playing Sop for Brighouse in 2010, then it looks and sounds like a different one in 2011 and now i believe Kevin CROCKFORD is there. Can someone tell me who was playing in 2010 and 2011 and where are they now. What a player in 2010..........thanks, no offence meant to the 2011 chap by the way. !!

    Any news on how Kevin is going there?? Living in Oz, it is hard to keep up with the news.

    thank you
  2. stevetrom

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    I think it was John Campbell last year
  3. Stracathro

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    In 2010 it was Martin Irwin I believe.
  4. Thirteen Ball

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    Last time I spoke to him he seemed happy as larry - as he usually is.
  5. Dr Bob

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    Hmmmm :cool:
  6. tallyman

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    It might be wise but is it fair to sack Andrew Bannister off sop at Brighouse a week before the nationals just because there is a lot in it for sop???
  7. stevetrom

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    sacked him?

    stillon their website

  8. tallyman

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    Dominic Longhurst is playing sop, he's the young Australian listed on their website as 3rd man down. The sop part for Spiriti could win or loose the contest as its very involved. So is it wise to sack your long standing sop player a week before the nationals ??
  9. tat

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    Can see another BIC coming on!!
  10. alibaba

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    Andy wasn't sacked and Dominic is not playing sop.
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  11. tallyman

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    OK I say sacked you say bullied out by Dave, lets not split hairs. Next you'll be saying your bringing Morrison in on the front row and playing five Bb's and no sop and Dominic is playing the sop parts on Bb.
  12. alibaba

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    You'll have to wait and see pal.
  13. tallyman

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    Fair play. Best of luck at the weekend gents, it might just come off.
  14. owain_s

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    I wouldn't trust that. I can see at least one name which certainly shouldn't be on there...