Sop player needs Band

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by sophunk, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. sophunk

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    Band Needed

    Sop Player looking for 1st/Championship section band to join as from beginning of Feb Will be based in leytonstone east london, working central london and happy to travel to LSC band

    Hope to hear from potential bands soon!
  2. Will the Sec

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    There is no Sop vacancy there, I'm afraid, but Becontree Brass will be your closest band, just a few stops up the Central Line to Barkingside.
  3. tx7887

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    I've pm'd you!
  4. sophunk

    sophunk Member

    Band Needed by Sop Player

    I am a talented Sop player moving to central london with work as from Monday and am seeking a Championship/1st Section band to play with.

    Have currently been playing with 1st Section Band on Sop. Will be based in Leytonstone and more than happy to travel as have own transport.

    Looking forward to hearing from any bands that require a sop!!

  5. stevetrom

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    Redbridge were looking for a sop, don't know if they have found anyone yet.
  6. sophunk

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    Cheers STEVE

    Will check that out, they are championship right?
  7. Ipswich trom

    Ipswich trom Member

    Aveley also advertising for a Sop!
  8. sophunk

    sophunk Member

    Thanks mate for your reply..will check them out, you played with them before?.good to know reputation of band before going

  9. Ipswich trom

    Ipswich trom Member

    Aveley and Redbridge are the top two bands in L&SC area. They are pretty evenly matched.
  10. jonesbp

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  11. sophunk

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    Thanks Ben

    I came to rehearsal and was planning to come tonight but understand from David Lewis that the rehearsal is cancelled. Not sure on the position, thought rehearsal I attended went well, but Nigel asked if I played B flat and it appeared he was not keen.. not sure if the agenda was for me to play b flat or sop but am really looking for sop seat...don't know what to think. Perhaps you maybe able to clarify for me? He said he wanted to hear me play more, but spent all night sight reading and playing which I felt was ok considering the pieces. If I'm not up to it in the bands opinion there are no worries there I would just appreciate being told I guess.

    Hope to hear from you


  12. sophunk

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    Soprano Player needing Band

    Talented soprano player looking for championship or 1st section band to join in LSC area.

    I have moved to central london with my job this month and will be based there. Have transport and happy to travel. Recently been playing with 1st section band.

    Hope to hear from bands with any vacant sop seats or potential openings


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  13. sophunk

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    I am a talented sop player looking for a 1st section/championship band in london area having moved in February with work

    I obtained grade 8 at school with distinction and have played sop for 20 odd years. Before moving from Norfolk with work, was playing with 2nd section band who gained 1st section before I left. I then played with 1st section band just outside London in contests and concerts prior to starting job in central London. I enjoy all aspects of banding particularly contesting.

    I have my own instrument and transport and will travel for right opportunity. After a few disappointments I am seeking genuine soprano seat opportunities

    Look forward to hearing from any bands who can offer this



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  14. dlkeir

    dlkeir New Member

    Hi Iain,
    Not sure if you've found a band yet, but Northfleetbrass, are also within the M25, rehearsing in bexley Da5 1aa on thurs. eve's. Bexley is on the mainline from charing cross, approx 20-30mins with frequent trains, with the band room situated across the road or 10mins from Dartford tunnel.
    northfleet is currently 1st section, down from champ.sec. 2 years ago, and now have a Sop vacancy,
    Northfleet have a fairly busy schedule ahead, and are a friendly social band, and welcome all new players, if this is what your looking for, even if its just for 1 evenings blow, email us at

    Darren Keir,:hi