Sop Passes Out

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    And left us just before Christmas to move to EYMS! :)
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    Im so glad to hear all the kind things people have done to help other bands/people out - Tewkesburys flugel player played her part twice in a row, once for TTB (playing No1) then she was asked to help band No 2 out, which she did fantastically on her first contest on flugel!! Hurrah to you Mandy!!

    I have one thing to say to the organisers - getting the best entertainment top marks but please note - SACK THE SOUND ENGINEER!!! - Far too loud, far too much bass and treble nowhere need enough middle. My ears are still ringing and I am so sad that i did not hear Mark Nightingale (only saw him!!) because of the above reason.
    And another thing!!...Where was the professionaly qualified first aiders?? - a legal requirement I thought....

    Keep up the good work on this great website!!
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    Sop blackout at Butlins

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    Hi Gareth

    I was at Butlins last week when the dreaded event happened to Morgan your Sop player, who i hasten to had gave a stunning performance right up to the very end!! Having had a similar experience as you and a few others obviously know, back in my Hammonds days in 1984 at the Yorkshire areas, it can be a nerve racking and traumatic experience for the player concerned and i have to say it affected me greatly at the time when i was only 18yrs old and partially lead to my retirement from playing for a while.

    I am pleased to see firstly he was ok and secondly after some wise words from Nick Childs he got back on the wagon and continued what im sure will be a rewarding career as a sop player. I had some wise words after my event from Ken Johnson and it helped settle me a whie.

    It never ceases to amaze me how many people i've come across in banding who "remember" being in the frony row at Huddersfield that year but at least i and others can look back at it at laugh at it now.

    Lets hope Morgan does the same and im sure he will!!

    Just to update everybody i am living in Filey near Scarborough and playing currently for EYMS who i joined just before xmas. I still keep in touch and help out with Old Silkstone Band and Shepherds Band (York) and paly with "Simply Brass" ten piece in scarborough though i am currently conducting them as i relinquished conducting Shepherds Concert when i joined EYMS.
    Managing to stay in my chair these days and thoroughly enjoying my playing and solo work.

    Enjoyed making CD with Gareth and KMJ recordings whilst at Shepherds and also the CD with Old Silkstone in 2006. One of these days Gareth i will get around to doing a solo CD if only as a record of my playing for when i can't do it anymore!!! and when i do i'll be in touch with you!!!

    Kevin Moxon (Sop EYMS)
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    Nice to see you on hear Kev. I hope you're enjoying it at EYMS...a real good bunch.

    All the best,

    Nige Sutherland.
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    Ah, but my sessions were better - you said so yourself ;)

    Drop me a line when your ready Kev, I'm sure we can sort something out....if you can produce a solo CD with playing like Flowerdale, I'm sure we'll all be over the moon :D
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    Hi Nige

    Surprising who turns up on these things eh? !!!!!!!!

    Are you still blowing down at Imps/ I nderstand your doing a bit of conducting at Swinton too? hope its all going ok and we'll catc up and have a beer sometime. Really settling in at EYMS they are a great bunch of people and made me and our lass very welcome from day one!! Thoroughly enjoying it and looking forward to areas!!

    Cheers mate

    Kev Moxon

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    Helloo! Just a short post to thank all those who've helped me with their support and encouragement following my dive at Butlins (special thanks to Alan - my Grandma was well chuffed to see my Grandad's name on t'internet!!!). It's given me a real boost seeeing top players such as Alex Kerwin and Kevin Moxon taking the time to share their experiences online. Thanks also to Nick Childs and Mark Pye (Sop,Woodfalls)for their help and advice on the Saturday night. Cheers.
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    Join the club


    Thanks for the reply will have to have a beer wi you sometime whenever your band and EYMS are at same venue. Great to hear your fully recovered and now an official member of the "Sop high dvers club"!!!! Don't waste time lettting it bother you its history, cant be changed, its done and dusted and only to be reffered to humurously or to tell the grandkids when you have em!!! By the sound you make you are having a cracking career as a Sop player and long may it continue. As i counsel myself let them as criticise come up here and blow the bl***y thing it aint easy! Do it for you and ENJOY IT surely thats what its all about? Sop it to em!!!!

    Kev Moxon

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    I think anyone who plays sop ought to get danger money, having said that, I would omit it from any Life Insurance declarations as it may inadvertantly affect your premiums!
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    Oh my, I really feel for him Ive had a few close calls on stage where you just start to swirl round and round in your chair eeeek
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    Mog hasn't taken a dive for two years now....the trick is to borrow your Dad's biggest belt and strap yourself in - TIGHT!:)