Sop Passes Out

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    On behalf of the Tongwynlais Temperance Band I would like to thank everyone for their help and good wishes extended to our young Soprano Cornet player, Morgan James. For those who didn’t hear us at Butlins on ‘Life Divine’ I can tell you that Morgan ‘passed out’ close to the end of the performance and was cared for by members of the audience while the band finished the last few bars of its performance. Morgan’s last words to his brother David (who was sitting next to him on Repiano) before he collapsed were ‘play the last note for me!’ - what a bandsman.

    Morgan fully recovered within minutes and with the help of Leonard Adams and his Travada Music Company (who loaned him a brand new Soprano) and Pontardulais Band who were also very quick to loan him their Soprano, he was back at rehearsal ready for the following day’s Entertainment Programme by 6pm Saturday evening. After arriving at the rehearsal room he also received some good advice from Nick Childs (who was there finishing a rehearsal with Woodfalls) to help him to be mentally and physically prepared for the following day.

    What fantastic examples of true banding spirit these are. Once again many thanks to everyone for their kind words, practical help and support.

    Gareth Pritchard, MD
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    Good to hear he is OK!

    It was a topic talked about in the RWCMD common room Monday Morning :biggrin:
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    A chap from Trevada Music also saved my bacon - the triggers on my Edwards bass trom literally fell to bits about half an hour before we went on stage. First of all, the bass trom player from Ipswich / Norwich co-op agreed to lend me his Edwards if necessary, which was a really kind offer and took the panic out of the situation, and I then ran over to the trade stands where the Man from Trevada (I thought he was called Malcolm, but it could have been Leonard - I was in a bit of a state!!!) managed to get it fixed in a matter of minutes. I'm enormously grateful to both these guys... Nice bunch, us brass players!!
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    Hi Gareth,

    Good to see you on here. Long time since the old EYMS days (still off the fags?).

    I' ve had some blurry moments on sop myself (many years back) I know what it's like. Great to see that true brass band spirit does still exist.

    Nige Sutherland.
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    I was in the audience during the performance and was very concerned, thanks for the update. Glad to hear he is OK. He gave a cracking performance by the way!
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    Hear hear - commitment like that should be celebrated. Think it must have been something in the air that weekend eh...

    Nice to see you have discovered tMP Lee - welcome on board!
  7. huggie

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    Cheers Dave, I guess discovering tmp is just part of my natural progression from discovering playing again.

    It was a very good weekend, even though we got that dreaded fourth place you didn't want. On refelection, not a bad result considering that some of the principal players, including myself hadn't played for quite some time prior to this contest.

    As soon as I got home saturday evening I e-mailed Tongwynlais Temperance Band asking for news on their sop player and sent best wishes from all at FSEBB
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    Iv known Morgan for many years now my hart almost stoped when they annouced from the stage that they needed someone from the medical proffesion, I was releaived to see him in the bar in the night and shake his hand on having the courage to get on with things.
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    Good to hear that he's OK. I'm surprised that more players weren't ill playing in that hall, it was roasting sat in the audience so lord knows what it was like on stage under the lights.

    Am I right in thinking that Morgan treated the audience to a mock "repeat performance" for a laugh on Sunday morning?!
  10. Simon_Horn

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    'play the last note for me'? ...what a legend :)
  11. Kerwintootle

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    Glad he's better. Definitely know what that feels like, in all seriousness it can be a very frightening experience especially when you come round again. I did it at the NZ Nationals in 2006 on sop and passed out briefly, during that time I thought I was in bed dreaming and wondered why I was dreaming about being onstage at the Nationals, the horrendous, sickening feeling when I realised I was actually onstage was horrible. Palpitations!!

    It's good to hear that people rallied around. Flippin' soprano cornet playing, only for the brave hearted!

  12. Anno Draconis

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    You're all mad. I'll stick to proper back row playing, bottom G umchucks for me all the way ;)
  13. Crazysop

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    That blackness edging in and knowing your going to go is a ******!
    Glad to hear he's ok
  14. Hornblower RN

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    His grandad Eric James of Glynneath fame would have been immensely proud of him, as indeed his parents Alun and Pam are I expect. Well done Morgan:clap:
  15. Red Elvis

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    fair play to him...."Play the last note for me" . That's going down with your boots on !

    Was not aware of it happening as we were waiting to play in our section on the sat . I was one of the medical bods that jumped up on Sunday when the gentleman in the audience was unwell . Thankfully he appeared to recover well , and by the time I got to him there were several other suitably qualified audience members attending . Us banders aren't a bad bunch !
  16. JR

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    sop blackout

    I'm pleased to hear Morgan is ok!
    The most famous occasion was at the Yorkshire Area top section in 1984, held then in Huddersfield Town Hall. The test piece was Howard Snell's arrangement of Berlioz' Waverley Overture.
    Hammonds Sauce Works, early in the piece, got to the bit where the sop player goes up to top C - Kevin Moxon got it, then fell immediately into the arms of the rep player, out cold. As I remember he revived about half way through!
    Kevin (a very good player, by the way) is still playing for (I think) Silkstone

    More recently Paul Argyle blacked out at the Open, but being Paul it didnt seem to bother him..

    John R
  17. DanB

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    I was a bit surprised that such a big place as Butlins, with thousands of people under one roof, didn't have an on-duty doctor or nurse or something. In fact, surely there's some legal obligation to provide medical cover on a site like Butlins?? Is it really good enough to announce "is there a doctor in the house" and for everybody to keep their fingers crossed that there is? Hmnh.
  18. sudcornet

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    Remember it well....had it to play a couple of weeks later in Darlington...p decresc to A to C.

    I think Kev's at EYMS now.

  19. KMJ Recordings

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    He was with the Shepherd Group Band when we recorded him playing Flowerdale a couple of years ago.
  20. WoodenFlugel

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    I'd have thought the only legal requirement is for basic first aid only - anything over and above that is a 999 call. Otherwise every large gathering of people anywhere would have to have doctor's present - which isn't really practical.

    Anyway, I'm glad to hear that everything is OK. I wasn't in for Tongwynlais' performance, so I didn't see it, but was around in the "tent" at that time and heard almost straight away. Good to see him making a joke of the whole thing and back playing very well again on Sunday.