Sop Duets????

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by skweeky, Feb 21, 2004.

  1. skweeky

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    howdy yall. Does anybody know of any Eb/Bb duets suitable for a cornet and a sop???

    thanks alot :wink:
  2. HBB

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    Pie Jesu if you give the Flugal part to a cornet!
  3. carlwoodman

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    On another thread, Paul Drury has mentioned a duet for Eb soprano and cornet by Erik Leidzen called 'The Cleansing Stream'.
    According to him 'It's a good wee number as well'.
    It's published by SP&S.
  4. Brian Bowen

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    Don't be put off by the title. The duet is based on the well-known tune "Listen to the mocking bird" and is arranged with the skills expected of Leidzen.
  5. skweeky

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  6. Soppy

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    You can get Lakeme for Eb/Bb cornet too. It sounds quite nice, and is a longer arrangement than the one for just 2 Bb Cornets.
  7. skweeky

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    sorry i should have said this first but can you also post the difficulty of these pieces and details eg (polka, slow melody, lots of triple tounging) useful info?? im only 15 and bin playing a year

  8. Heppy

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    Flower Duet is technically easy mate. Nice and slow so you can do a bit of right arm, rubbing valve caps, you know the score. Middle section does go into a lovely key of about five/six flats though, minefield! Not bad for range either.