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    I caught the last half of the SONAR concert at Butlins (I know...I should have seen it all but I was *ahem* otherwise engaged in the Sun and Moon at the time...:oops: ) and I really enjoyed it. Do you have any plans to come and see us down in the Midlands in the near future?
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    Thanks. Butlins was a great weekend although the SONAR concert was not perhaps well timed and planned by the organisers. However that is for another discussion.

    The group has major problems in getting together and have recently been compounded by Nick Hudsons relocation and Richard Marshalls move to Dyke.

    We all play in different busy bands, and live a long way from each other which makes rehearsing and concert arranging very difficult. We all enjoy the group but the logistics are beating us at the moment and we have only a couple of engagements in the diary. One however is in Norwich in October.

    So unfortunately we cannot do much work, but we will do concerts if we are all available.
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