some Tunes for 4 voices

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    Hello evrybody!

    I´m a Hobbycomposer and will post here some tunes for winds from me, they are written for 4 Voices, i hope you like it!;)

    2 Flugelhorns(Trumpets, Cornets) and
    2 Tenorhorns (Trombones, Baritones)

    I will give the Notes for them for free and hope somebody here is interestet to play the Pieces.

    I will send the Notes by Email free of Charge.

    Here some little Demos of them (only played by PC)::(

    "Geburtstagsweise/ Birthday-tune"YouTube - Geburtstagsweise/ Birthday-Weise

    "Reiseweise/ Journeytune"YouTube - "Reise-Weise",...

    "Grüne Wiesenweise/Green Meadow-tune"YouTube - "Grüne Wiesen"- Weise/ "Green...

    "Weihnachtsweise/Christmastune"YouTube - Weihnachtsweise Christmas-weise

    I wouldn´t be delightet to hear from Anybody who is interesting to play it!

    Best Regards to all

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    They sound good. Continue your composing efforts.
  3. Musigid

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    Thank You very much!
  4. Musigid

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