Some from the garden over the last few days...

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    Hi All

    My mate is off on each Thursday, and asked earlier in the week if I'd be able to get to our feeding station in the woods for a few hours. Hmmmm.... was still very much recovering from my operation under general on Monday, and so I was unable to do this (went for a short stroll with Jen and Heather on Wed evening, and am very much regretting so doing!!), so he asked instead could he pop over and stay for a few hours having a chat, a few cuppas, and watching the birds at my feeders.

    Sure thing...!

    Here's a small selection I hope you enjoy. I only uploaded small versions and I guess I could play with these a little more, so only posting for your viewing pleasure (or displeasure :) )

    1. Male House Sparrow

    2. Robin

    3. Greenfinch #1

    4. Greenfinch #2
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    Fantastic photos MusicMan:tup

    No Great Tits?????

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