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  1. I am looking for some advice.

    There are no 'proper' solos & quartet contests anywhere near us, and my band would like to organise one to try to maintain the interest in brass banding in our area.

    Does anyone with any experience of these contests have any advice for me?

    I'm looking for;
    1. venues & what is ideal...
    2. categories / age groups etc
    3. any restrictions if any.
    All advice would be welcome, as we'd like this to be an annual event.
  2. In our annual solo/quartet contest I think the age catagories are an 'open' catagory, 16-18, 12-15, and 11 and under (or something similar, this is off the top of my head) each of these catagories are then applied to slow melody and air variations (personally I disagree with limiting it to just slow melody or air vari due to the vast amount of other interesting rep out there! I reckon it should be 'slow melody' and 'open repatoire' catagories.. something to consider maybe?). quartets can play what they want, and the same age restrictions apply. Its normally held in a venue where there are two performing rooms so working through the catagories doesnt take forever! lastly, perhaps get a well-known player to judge and maybe give a mini rectital at the end of the day.. this could attract interest and is what normally happens in ours. hope this helps a little! :)
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    Hi Andy - Foden's held their first solo, duet and quartet comp last year and it was a great success. We were fortunate to have use of a local school where we could put 2 classes on at once, so this meant that it wasn't too long a day. We had great facilities, including refreshment areas, where we could also sell merchandise, have a couple of trade stands, etc.
    We had sponsorship from a couple of music companies as well as a local car dealer who was interested in our aim to promote music amongst youngsters epsecially. This paid for bursaries (which went towards lessons/music courses etc)
    trophies, accompanist, hall hire etc.
    We also have prizes for highest placed first timers, which is good for those competing against more seasoned players. Our age groups were similar to those above though we've broken it down even more this year as the classses were pretty big, and there is such a wide range of standards.
    Our solo classes were for slow melodies and for Air Varie/Brillante/Caprice - as said above, this means that players aren't just limited to Air varies and can play pretty much anything, as long as it's in the time limts.
    If you pm me your email address I'll send you details of our comp and, if it's helpful, the paperwork we found very useful to co-ordinate the event. :)
    Although the aim of the event was not to make a profit, we did make enough money to go back into continuing to develop our youth initiative.
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    Great idea Andy, maybe a venue closer to M62 or tied into other East Riding events, Beverley folk festival etc. Need a category for ageing comeback players.
  5. Our idea is to try to build & maintain interest in Brass playing in our locality and the surrounding area. I would think by moving things closer to the M62 we may attract interest possibly even from from West Yorkshire, though it would be at the expense of those from Bridlington / Filey / Scarborough etc. At the moment though, the venue is still TBC.

    The contest is not to be a fund raising event for our band - in fact, unless we get a sponsor, it'll be at the band's expense - so increasing entries by moving location would not be our primary concern.

    The contest will be open to all, there definately will be a veterans / oldies / seniors section. Again we still have to decide on what the qualifier will be for this category.

    I will keep everybody posted on exactly what gets decided, and I hope to see some of you taking part...