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    Anyone got dates/places for forthcoming Solo (Slow Melody & Air Varie) and quartet contests? Anywhere in Midlands/Yorks/Lancs?
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    Oxfordshire & District are holding their annual Brass Festival on Sunday April 29th, sections for Solos, Duets, Quartets and ensembles for all ages including Adults.
    All the details can be found on
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    Elland Slow Melody and Quartet Contest


    Elland Silver band are holding their annual slow melody, duet and quartet contest on Sunday 6th May. You can download an entry form from

    We look forward to seeing you.
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    Ireland Colliery Chesterfield band solo duet and quartet contest Saturday 16th June 2012 in Staveley Chesterfield Derbyshire.

    Visit this website for details
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    Thanks to everyone so far in replying - really appreciate it - any more dates etc... welcome?


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    skelmanthorpe - early autum i think
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    City of Coventry and Warwickshire Brass Festival (

    JUNE 30th,
    10am start. Bablake School, Coventry

    Solo, Air Varie, Duet/Trio, Quartet and new for this year, Percussion and sight reading sections.

    Closing date June 9th
    Entry forms downloadable from website!!!

    OPEN TO ALL BRASS and PERCUSSION PLAYERS (young/old, Brass Band/Other)

    Now part of the Blue Baton, Competitors and interested supporters will be performing 'Going the Distance' to close proceedings. for more details.