Solo & quartet contest & netball tournament!

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    Northowram, West Yorkshire
    ON Sunday 26 September the United Co-op Yorkshire Brass Band will be hosting a solo & quartet contest for brass and percussion at Rastrick High School.

    Brass and percussion will compete against each other as it is a solo contest and not a slow melody contest and each section will be judged in the same vein as an entertainment contest soloist prize when brass and percussion players often compete against each other. We hope this will give all those percussionists wanting to display their skills the opportunity to compete on an equal standing with brass players.

    For an entry form e-mail Tabby Clegg on:

    For more details log onto:

    ALSO, on the same day, the band will also host a netball tournament for any teams wanting to take part. This is not restricted to just the girls and boys can also compete! Entry is £25 per team and more details will be on the website shortly. Please contact Tabby Clegg for more details.
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