Solo Contests - Air Varie or Florid Solo class?

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by Kiz7, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. Kiz7

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    hi all

    At solo contests lots of people enter the slow melody classes but only a handful the air and variations. So I was wondering, is "Air Varie" too restrictive and does "Florid solo" (like I have seen in the past) open up more doors?

    If so, what pieces would you play in a "Florid Solo, including air and variations" class?

    I was thinking that it might allow for more of the Salvation Army repertoire to be performed as well as the usual (cornet) suspects like Kim, Zelda, Slavische Fantaise, Silver Threads etc which aren't technically air varies

    If it is a popular idea then hopefully the 2008 Forest of Dean Solo Contest can try it next July (6th)
  2. I never really understood why it had to be air varie, presume just a historical thing.

    Why not just have classes for 'slow melody' and 'fast melody' :)

    Btw, I'm gonna try and keep that day free and enter myself next year Kiz. All the best!
  3. David Mann

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    I suppose the air varie section was an attempt to let players demonstrate their all-round ability: slow/fast, high/low, loud/quiet. This could also be demonstrated with a rhapsody. I'd like to see classes for "unadorned slow melody" and "free choice", with clear guidelines that explained that the judges would be looking for a range of skills to be shown in the free choice section.

    Not that I'll be entering...
  4. marksmith

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    I tend to enter both sections to help fill the day! Not too many players are versatile enough to be regularly successful in both sections, but it should not deter them from trying. The tonal control is a major requirement of any instrumentalist in the slow-melody section but quite a few individuals wave 'hello mom' in the air-varie, hoping that the plethora of notes will disguise their personal weaknesses enough to fool the adjudicator! Either way, do not take it too seriously, they are great social gatherings and networking forums for like-minded individuals. Leicester Association run two of the best, one open, one for member bands. I would recommend these to anyone, of any age, of any ability. Mark Smith.