Solo Contest and Music festivals - where to go to take part?

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    Hi all,
    I am desperate to get my students away from the endless treadmill of graded exam after graded exam and to get them some true solo, duet, quartet experience but am finding it really hard to find competitions and festivals to compete at.

    I am looking for festivals/contests between february and end of June, but would prefer March, April, May time. I have got schedules and or conteact details for the following: Cheltenham Festival, Bristol Festival, Herefordshire Festival and Swindon Festival. I know there is a contest in April in Leicestershire but haven't got a schedule or contact details. I am based in Gloucestershire but happy to travel up to about 80 miles (each way) for a well supported event.

    Are there any festivals/contests in Wales, Somerset, Avon, Worcester, Midlands etc that tmp'ers can provide me with links to?

    Many thanks!

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    The lady who organises the Leicestershire Association contest is Pam Green. I've just looked for her number but am unable to get it. If you contact the secretary of LBBA, Lesley via Hathern Band, Lesley should be able to either give you details.

    The contest consists of:

    Junior slow melody in something like Under 10s, 11-13, 14-17
    Open slow melody

    Junior Air Varies
    Open Air Varies

    Junior Duets
    Open Duets

    Junior Quartets
    Open Quartet


    There is a very good pianist provided if required for the air varies, music is requested 2 weeks prior to contest.
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    Thanks Di

    Any others? Please keep 'em coming. Anything to get away from the "what grade are you doing this term" syndrome!
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    Ah ha !

    Found this in the "past events" history on IBEW! in April 2005.
    Thanks IBEW. :biggrin::clap:
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    If your student fancies a trip across the pond, there are youth solo contests at the North American Brass Band Association Championships on April 13th.
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    I'm an adjudicator for the Federation of Festivals, and there appears to be events in March in Banbury, Chipping Norton, Devon, Mid-Somerset, Thornbury and Worcester, with another festival taking place in May in Weston-Super-Mare.

    I apologise if my sketchy geographical knowledge of England has some of these more than 80 miles from you!, but you can also look up the federation website - - to get further details.
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    Oohh gosh yes, I'd forgotten the festivals. Vicki used to enter the ones in Hinckley and Leicester, although disappointingly the brass entries were very low and I'm talking anything between 1 and 4 entries here when I say low. :(

    They're good events though and I very much like the way the adjudicator not only writes his remarks, but talks about each of the performances before the results are announced.
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    There's also the ODBBA Brass Festival, which has classes for solos, duets quartets, and ensembles upto 15 players. We even have a solo class for percussionists!

    It will be held on 29th April 2007. Visit for more information, or pm me!
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