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    Can anyone help?

    I am looking for a/some solo books for a young student, an 9 year old who is very advanced for her age, and likes to push herself. She is looking to perform at school etc and with piano in some cases. As an example, she plays 'Bless This House' very well. The Extent of her range is G above the stave.

    I would be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction. Thanks. ;-)
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    These books may not help but they are what i had to get with my music teacher but i can't remember how high they go. There is easy jazzy tudes, amazing solos, play latin, trumpet in church and play jazztime. These books i have got and they are good as far as i can remember do have piano with them. Hope this helps.
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    I once had a collection of solos for trumpet/cornet and piano called Eight Transports, by Michael Ball. Not too difficult, but sufficiently challenging to make them interesting and fun to play. I suspect it's out of print now but if you could find a used copy it might fit the bill.
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    Thanks Ruth. Do you have publishers details.
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    The Salvationist Star Search Series - 16 Graded Instrumental Solos for Bb and Eb Soloists with Piano Accompaniment from The Salvation Army in the USA is proving popular here in the UK.

    This collection was designed to facilitate the brass portion of The Salvation Army USA Eastern Territory's long-running Territorial Star Search Talent Display. With four solos in four distinctly graded levels, this book will be a companion for up and coming instrumentalists for many years.

    Also included is an 'accompaniment CD' for rehearsal purposes or for performance when a live accompaniment is not available and a 'demonstration CD' with all the solos played by Gordon Ward (Cornet) and Les DeAth (Piano).
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    Hi Jason

    You could try "Great Winners". Lots of good pieces popular and traditional and you can buy a cd backing track. PM me if you want more details.
    Sam Harrison
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    Lots to go at there. Great Help. Thanks guys and keep 'em coming!
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    Your reminder of the above piece made me curious and to my surprise this music is still available, here:

    I recall that it consists of 8 short pieces, no more than 2 or 3 minutes each, with descriptive titles that would appeal to the younger player (or simple-minded folk like me!), such as Night Train, Punt, Troika etc. I remember them being good fun. They could be played singly, as a complete set, or you can make your own 'three piece suite' from them.

    Good luck!
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    According to my books Jason the publishers are Warwick Music Limited for the Easy jazzy tudes, Boosey and Hawkes for Amazing solos, Faber Music for the play latin, Emerson Edition LTD for the play trumpet in church and Faber Music for the Jazztime. When i bought these books i got them off and there are lots more books that could be useful for you. :)