Solftly, as i leave you- Arr Alan Catherall

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    Does anyone know anything about this piece?!! history...etc, Am attempting to write programme notes but have just realised I know nothing about the music I am playing and Google is useless!! :)
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    I remember the Matt Monro recording. You may find lyrics and some details on

    He was a bus driver orignally but had the MOST WONDERFUL voice! I bit under-rated in my opinion
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    Originally arranged to showcase the talents of Robert & Nicholas Childs as a duet, and was part of a recording called Child's Play. It is also arranged as a solo for euphonium, by Catherall on the reverse of the duet version, where the solo horn takes the counter melodies.

    Child's Play also included duets such as Blue Rondo ala Turk, and Moto Perpetuo.

    I would imagine it is produced by Doyen. If I find anything else I will edit this post.
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    Love song from the 60's I think
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    DOY CD 001 (Doyen, 1989) also includes "Deep Inside the Sacred Temple", "Myfanwy", "Carnival of Venice", "Grand Study No. 13", .......
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    Softly, as I Leave You
    Writer(s): hal shaper - antonio devita - giorgio calabrese

    Softly, I will leave you softly
    For my heart would break if you should wake and see me go
    So I leave you softly, long before you miss me
    Long before your arms can beg me stay
    For one more hour or one more day
    After all the years, I can?t bear the tears to fall
    So, softly as I leave you there

    (softly, long before you kiss me)
    (long before your arms can beg me stay)
    (for one more hour) or one more day
    After all the years, I can?t bear the tears to fall
    So, softly as I leave you there
    As I leave I you there
    As I leave I you there

    Sad song about someone dying who doesnt want things to drag on - endless suffering and grieving for partner, who decides best just to fade away quietly

    Also recorded by Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin and Elvis.

    Lovely piece of music - solo or duet.
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    Further to my earlier post, the CD sleeve notes of Doyen CD 001 (1989) includes the following:
    "SOFTLY AS I LEAVE YOU is the first of many pieces arranged for the [Childs] Brothers by Alan Catherall. It has almost become their signature tune, since that unforgettable evening at the Royal Albert Hall, in 1984, where 8,000 people witnessed an emotional evening where their father, the late John Childs, conducted the first performance." The same sleeve notes document that this recording of Softly... is accompanied by the Rochdale Band conducted by Alan Jenkins.