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  1. The Soham Comrades Band (currently championship section-LSC) have vacencies for the following:

    Sop/Front and backrow cornet

    Bass Trombonist

    Tuned Percussionist

    1st or 2nd Horn and Baritone

    The band rehearse in Beechurst Hall, Soham Village College at 7:30pm every Tuesday and Friday evening which is around 15 miles from Cambridge and easily accessible via the A14 from the Midlands/London area. The band would also welcome any current university students looking for a blow with transport available from Cambridge via current members.
    The band has a busy and exciting schedule for 2007 including a possible brass celebrity concert (featuring a top soloist).
    Anyone interested should contact me personally via p.m or email:

    or the band chairman:

    Applications will be treated in strict confidence.
  2. The Soham Comrades Band has been successfully recruiting and now have vacencies for the following:

    Front Row cornet

    Tuned Percussion

    Bass Trombone

    Although anyone is welcome to come along for a blow.

    If you are interested then please contact me personally via p.m or email:

    or the band chairman:

    Applications will be treated with strict confidence.
  3. >UPDATED< The band now has vacencies for the following after the areas due to successful recruitment:

    Soprano Cornet

    Tuned Percussion Players

    Anyone is welcome to come for a blow!!! Very friendly band

    Trip to the South of France now on the horizon for this year

    If you are interested then please contact me personally via p.m or email:

    or the band chairman:
  4. UPDATE 20th March
    The Soham Comrades Band now has vacencies for the following:

    Eb Bass

    Soprano Cornet

    Extremely friendly 1st section band (very recently championship) with several contests now on the horizon and a desire to play at the highest level. Again-Anyone welcome to come for a blow.

    Please find all the contact details in the posts above or pm me
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  5. Soham Comrades Band, championship section, urgently require a principle cornet and soprano player. We are based in Soham, Cambridgeshire and not far from the A14.

    Rehearsals are currently on Tuesdays and Fridays in Lodeside Hall, Soham Village College.

    We welcome anyone to come for a blow or try with or without notice, with specific vacencies due to player work commitments on:

    3rd Cornet

    Bb or Eb Bass


    Please pm or email me for further information

    Band Website:
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  6. Soham Comrades Band have current vacencies for the following:

    Musical Director

    EEb Bass

    Soprano/Bb Cornet

    Looking for something new or up for a new challenge? We are an ambitous band looking to have a bit of fun but play music at the highest possible standard, please get in touch! Any player is welcome

    Please look at posts above for contact information,

    Matt (2nd Trom-SCB)
  7. The band currently urgently require a full time musical director to lead us in the right direction. The band rehearse Tuesday and Friday evenings 7:30 - 9:30pm in the Lodeside Hall, Soham Village College (easily accessible from the A14).

    Applicants please apply through the following methods:

    Telephone: 07828763357 (Rachel Aves - Chairman)
  8. The Soham Comrades Band have urgent vacencies for the following due to player relocation:

    Bb Bass

    Solo Eb Bass

    Solo Horn


    The band has recently had some really exciting news in the appointment of Graham Sheldon as M.D. Please find the contact methods above, we'd love to hear from you!

    PLEASE NOTE: Rehearsal nights have changed from Tuesday & Friday to Wednesday & Friday nights, still at the same place and at the same time but please contact us through email or phone incase of any possible changes
  9. Soprano and Horn seats filled so UPDATE to current vacencies as of 26/09/07:

    Bb Bass

    Eb Bass

    URGENTLY REQUIRED, please get in touch! the band is there but in desperate need of a solid foundation.
  10. The Band Still has the following vacancies for experianced players to complete a strong line-up:

    Solo Eb Bass

    Solo Baritone

    2nd Horn

    Please PM me or Anyone joining Cambridge Uni is more than welcome with lifts and a local train station (15 mins journey from Cambridge Station).
  11. SCB still desperatly requires a solo Eb Bass and a strong solo cornet player. The band is in a promising position and is looking to add more quality to its ranks, please get in touch! Cambridge Uni students are also always welcome. Players travel as far a field as the Midlands and Essex/London so lifts and a local train station are available. Please apply in confidence to
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  12. SCB is still looking for an Eb & Bb bass player, Front Row & Rep cornet in order to compete in 2008 at the London & Southern Counties area's in March (1st section). The band is desperate to keep at the highest standard and has a quality line up other than the listed vacency's previously mentioned.

    Please contact through PM or
  13. Back-Row cornet Required - Soham Comrades

    Soham Comrades Band (recently relegated from the championship section after a long sustained spell) are desperatly looking for a back-row cornet player to fill the position for the areas in March at Stevenage in the 1st section.

    The band is preparing a rehearsal schedule which will include Saturday rehearsals etc nearer the contest (although player availability or suggestions are all considered)

    The position needed is either a rep, 2nd or 3rd cornet depending on experiance.

    Please PM me for any further info

    Many Thanks,

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    Hi mate

    You replied to my ad saying u were fine for sop but had front row vacany.

    Are you after a sop or is this not the case only i see sop on here?


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    You need to check the dates the posts were made - in these threads the latest vacancies are in the latest posts in each thread.
  16. Soham Comrades have a position for a full time experianced musical director following the departure of Graham Sheldon.

    The band has an extremeley long and proud history under its belt and most notably very successful period up until a year ago when the band was unfortunatly relegated from the LSC championship section after a long sustained spell in amongst the top 6 in LSC.

    We have a light schedule for the rest of this summer although are looking into taking part in various contests come the Autumn

    Please enquire in confidence via the band website or PM - the band email is
  17. The band is currently looking to fill the following positions:

    1st Horn

    2nd Baritone

    Rep, 2nd and 3rd Cornet

    BBb Bass

    Anyone is more than welcome to come along to a rehearsal if in the area or living locally, the doors are always open

    Rehearsals are currently on Wednesday nights in Lodeside Hall, Soham Village College, Soham - from 7:30pm
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    The Soham Comrades Band, based in Cambs and currently graded 1st Section in the L&SC Region have vacancies for:

    Principal Cornet,

    Back row cornets,

    Solo horn


    If interested PM me or call 07843452405 or call Colin Smalley on 01353 721543.

    Many thanks.
  19. The band now rehearse on a Tuesday evening, 7:30 - 9:30pm in Lodeside Hall, Soham Village College.
    We are desperatly seeking a BBb or EEb bass player and a front or back row cornet player!

    Please get in touch if you are interested or even fancy a blow with a band if your in the area

    Please call Colin Smalley on: 01353 721543 or send me a PM
  20. SCB are a 1st section band based in Soham, Cambridgeshire and are looking to fill the following:

    Back & Front row cornet

    BBb bass

    Solo horn

    Please contact by email or phone @
    Phone: 01353 721543 (Colin Smalley - Band secretary)