Softly, As I Leave You

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    Hi Everyone,
    Just a quick question:) I have recently brought the 'Softly, As I Leave You' Euphonium Duet arranged by Alan Catherall, and I was just wondering if there is an version of this arrangement to play with a Wind Band? I know there is a brass band version but my wind band also seems keen to perform it.

    Thanks in Advance:D
  2. PeterBale

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    I've not tracked down a concert band version, but it has been recorded by the Royal Engineers Band:

    They may have played it from the brass band score, or else had permission for a one-off arrangement, but it may be worth contacting them.

    Failing that, you could try Alan Catherall himself, care of the Reg Vardy Band.
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    I have also heard an american millitary band play this too. So there must be? It did sound identical to the Brass band arrangement, with different voices however
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    What I found was this ... the Alan Catheral arrangement was adapted for wind band by Alan Camerali (unless the spelling is wrong on the site).

    PDF here (CD sleevenotes) and HTML version (with Alan Camerali's name) here