So what stopped your band playing this summer?

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    [IMGLEFT][/IMGLEFT]Being a bit long in the tooth I can think back over some 50 years of summer bandstands and, with the exception of the inevitable bad weather, I can’t think of a time when a band turned up but was unable to play for non-weather related reasons. Well it happened to us this summer, not once but twice! :sup

    In early June we turned up at a bandstand bright and chirpy (as usual - well in truth not quite everyone fits into this category!) and waited for the chairs. And waited, and waited, and waited………:confused: In the end we had to abandon the concert and return home without a note being played. This despite helpful audience suggestions like ‘couldn’t you just stand up’ and ‘couldn’t you just march around a bit’! :frown:

    Anyway, there followed quite a number of successful and fulfilling park jobs until late August when a second concert had to be canceled and for the same reason – no chairs! Different venue but the same problem. :frown:

    As I said I’ve been around a bit but this has never happened to me before. Has anyone else been stopped in their banding tracks this summer?
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    Only rain, after half an hour in the open the heavens opened. Just the once all summer.
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    Hope you still got paid for those 2 jobs.

    We turned up to one venue and the heavens opened before we played, no audience so told no point staying and band went home. The venue was a good 20 miles away, received a letter offering to pay us half the fee! Explained that a full band had turned up and we expected to be paid in full. We were paid in full.
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    Isn't this the punchline to "How do you make a bandstand?" ;)

    Last weekend we opened the Headstock rock festival (! :cool: !) and were advised that due to the PA / drum etc equipment on stage for the other 12 acts there would only be space for 12 chairs,and so we planned our 40 minute set with the cornets and troms standing which actually worked well (says he who had a chair) , although I think a two hour concert may have been a bit tough!

    BBb Bass, Newstead Brass
  5. Nothing cancelled, but we did turn up to a job this summer to be heartily greeted by a very relieved man with a huge stack of seating of various sizes and colours. Apparently the previous couple of bands hadn't turned up to play on his chairs, and he was starting to think he'd got the wrong park.
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    only one gig canceled and that was because of the rain.

    Why doesn't your band invest in a set of chairs for out door gigs? That's what my band have done so we always bring chairs unless told otherwise :)
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    Lack of enthuiasm
  8. pbirch

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    sheer laziness and apath..
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    Not this summer, but the same thing happened to us a couple of years ago and we DID stand up (except for the basses - we relocated park benches for them!) It was hard work but we did the full programme and the audience really appreciated it.
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    Reminds me of the events that prompted a compère to say "Three Chairs for the Harlow Band". Someone restrained me...
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    we got seriously delayed once this year at Buxton Bandstand because where was on wedding taking place on the bandstand
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    I'm sorry if I've missed something, but why couldn't you play standing?
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    Obviously not a bass player or a drummer! :hammer

    That happened to a band I depped with this summer. The last outside park job was rained off. I was quite looking forward to wagging that day, so of course it threw it down and there was no cover of any kind.
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    Actually, I have played bass, stood with it and marched with it, and I'm five foot two with a curved spine! Our band regularly plays standing with the exception of a few members-myself included-who aren't able to and make sure we have a chair, our responsibility. I don't see your point about the drummer either!

    The way I see it is, if it wasn't discussed with the organisers in advance that chairs were required, then a band that refuses to play has no right either to complain or expect payment. We always find out in advance what will or will not be provided and make sure we're adequately prepared.
  16. Rapier

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    So do we. We tell them how many chairs we will require and expect them to be provided.

    If I booked the London Philharmonic Orchestra I wouldn't expect them to bring their own chairs.
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    I didn't get the impression that it had been discussed in the OP's case, but if it's an essential piece of equipment that you can't perform without, then it's your responsibility to ensure you have it. assuming the venue has bands often then others must manage without, and if they don't have bands a lot then they can't be expected to know what you need
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    The OP said he'd been playing for about 50 years and this summer was the first and second time that they turned up and no chairs were provided.

    Assuming that chairs would be provided for a band that has been booked to play in a park doesn't seem unreasonable - most bandstands having been built in the Victorian era and 100 years of bands playing with chairs provided.

    The design of lots of bandstands usually has the chairs stored under the floor, invariably padlocked and it usually needs someone to turn up to access them. Perhaps cuts in government spending and reduction in overtime payments may be to blame but if a parks open there's usually someone around.

    We purchased a set of chairs a number of years ago to take on weeks tours, but we would be using a coach so the logistics of getting all the chairs there wasn't a problem - we would never arrange to take them to a park job just case.
  19. cshimmon

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    That's fair, but surely, if none are provided, you can't expect to paid because all it would have taken was to check when the booking was made?
  20. Rapier

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    And that goes both ways. When they booked the Band they should also check what is required for the Band.