So what are you worth?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by bigmamabadger, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. bigmamabadger

    bigmamabadger Active Member

    Find out how much your corpse is worth to the medical profession...
  2. Flutey

    Flutey Active Member

    Oh how pleasant... I know that alive I'm worth 50 million camels, a guy in Egypt told my parents that he doesn't have that many camels but if he did then he would give them to my parents in exchange for me...

    However, dead I'm only worth $5450. I'll stay alive for the camels thanks.
  3. Leyfy

    Leyfy Active Member

    Thats a good $1100 more than me! lol

    Interesting that the site also advertises online dating!! Wonder what the link is there ;)
  4. Laserbeam bass

    Laserbeam bass Active Member

    Gotta give up that Elephantitis, it adds $'s onto my score LOL

    $3300, but when I gave what I thought would be high scoring answers it only came out at $4440. Then when I worked out they wanted you to have some an not other things, I still only got too $8540 WTF?
  5. sevenhelz

    sevenhelz Active Member

    I don't think it's meant to be played as a game... I got $5350. Damn eyesight...
  6. Bass Trumpet

    Bass Trumpet Active Member

    I could use the money!
  7. Flutey

    Flutey Active Member

    LOL!!!! :clap:
  8. six pints

    six pints Active Member

    Congratulations, your dead body is worth $4000!

    thats a bit rubbish :(
  9. Robhibberd29

    Robhibberd29 Active Member

    Blimey I'm worth less than the piece of **** parked on my drive.Must tell the mrs before she buries me under the patio.
  10. stevetrom

    stevetrom Well-Known Member

    Congratulations, your dead body is worth $4350!
  11. Hornblower RN

    Hornblower RN Member

    Blimey I'm worth $5115 and I'm nearing 70!! I wonder what I would have been worth if I'd not admitted to having heart surgery?
  12. Liz Courts

    Liz Courts Active Member

  13. leisa

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  14. Di

    Di Active Member


    But Madam Badger, how the heck did you come across a site like that? :eek:
  15. WhatSharp?

    WhatSharp? Active Member

    Don't tell the wife... $4275 .... :D
  16. DaveR

    DaveR Active Member

    I've heard of selling your body, but this is ridiculous!! :rolleyes:

  17. Pythagoras

    Pythagoras Active Member

  18. Di

    Di Active Member

    Hmm, tried hubby to see if he was worth selling off. ;) Would only get $3950 for him though. Slightly worrying to know I'm worth more though. Better be careful. ;)
  19. hellyfrost

    hellyfrost Member

    Wow! I'm so cheap at just $3790! I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing lol
  20. Bryan_sop

    Bryan_sop Active Member

    I'm worth $4625, quite scary really, with that and my medical insurance I'm worth far more dead than alive!