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  1. So, does anyone have an amazing cure for a cold?

    Coz it won;t go away!! Feel dreadful, headache.. n bunged up nose like you wouldn't believe...

    Someone suggested today that, as a cure, i should go to band and just keep playing my cornet.... playing and playing...

    i asked - how is that going to help...?


    Tunes help you breath more easily!! ha ha!

    one for my "stand up career" surporters"

  2. Matt Lawson

    Matt Lawson Member

    *Tumbleweed rolls past*

    *cough from audience*

    Nah, only joking, not a bad effort.. :clap:
  3. Griffin

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    I don't think there actually is a cure for the common cold. Bad jokes won't help ;-)

    Beechams Flu tablets are good for a few hours, gets rid of the 'bunged up feeling'.

    Or the Old Wives Tale, Whisky and Lemon Juice... try it!
  4. midwalesman

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    In all seriousness that was a good effort! Though going to band takes your mind off the cold...lol...though I still say an overdose of benylin and lemsip will do it ;-)

    Get your hot water bottle out! lol

  5. Bad jokes?!!? excuse me! :) lol.. that was one of my best... does that need removing from my routine?!

  6. Griffin

    Griffin Active Member

    He He, just needs some tweeking!

    Sorry, won't heckle in future :tup
  7. PeterBale

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    As a teetotaller, I wouldn't advocate the whiskey referred to above, but I am reliably informed that hot lemon and honey (plus paracetamol if required) will do the job as well as any of the shop-bought "cures", and at considerably less expense.
  8. lausonbass

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    from working in primary schools i tend to have a cold most of the time, however i have recently started taking supplements of Zinc and echinacea and they have been brilliant!!!! give it a go, just one a day.
  9. ok. i will do.. i'm a primary school teacher too..
    i was talking to my class today and 7 or 8 of them started coughing fits...

    *wonder where i got my cold from??!? hmmmmm*

    Thanks for that tip.. i'll try it :)
  10. another tip Cilla.. make the children take the tablets.. so you don't get the cold in the first place
    :tongue: lol
  11. bigmamabadger

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    Full-on hot toddy - lemon, honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and a generous helping of whisky/brandy. DO NOT add paracetamol to this mix.

    Echinacea is good, as is Vitamin C and cod liver oil, but you need to take shed loads of vitamin C and cod liver oil, at least 1000mg. Odourless garlic perles (if you want to keep your friends, garlic cloves if you dont) are pretty helpful too.
    I find lying on the sofa with lots of the above, a hot water bottle, chocolate, a good DVD and someone nice to mop my fevered brow is best for colds. Actually it's pretty good even when I haven't got a cold...
  12. brassneck

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  13. six pints

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    red wine always helps me :)
  14. That sounds the best so far!!! :)

    Just need to find someone nice to mop my brow!!

    My head is banging like drum and a hwhole day with 32 kids.. wich me luck...

  15. KMJ Recordings

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  16. midwalesman

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    I think the ideal situation for boomchickaboom would be to be on a large sofa, with the fire on, hot blackcurrent drink, a massive tube of Haribo mix and a guy to make her tea or anything she wants, .... as long as he can watch the footie!! ;-)
  17. or even just the whisky
  18. tubafran

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    OK a few more interesting suggestions for you:

    • Mustard Plaster: Take a kind of dry mustard and mix it with water. Spread it between two pieces of cloth, and cover your chest with it. It can burn something awful.
    • Vicks Vapor Rub: Taken internally for sore throat and cough. Applied externally if "your chest sounds a little tight". Applied under the nose for sniffles.
    • Goose Grease & Turpentine: Spread as mustard mix above
    • Onion plaster, crushed onions in lard, spread on the chest and covered with flannel. The victim was bundled up to sweat (it felt like stewing)
    • For colds and congestion in the chest take a meduim onion and put a little over a cup of water and sugar cook until the onion until soft and drink as hot as you can stand it and go to bed you may get sick but that is the congestion coming out and you will feel a hundred percent better in the morning.
    Once you've had any of the above you're never going to be ill again - the cure is definetly worse than the disease. Regretably I don't think you'll find many volunteers to rub this lot on - unless they have absolutely no sense of smell.
  19. oh my goodness!!! they are some shocking suggestions!!!

    I have no sense of smell though.. apaparently i've stunk my classroom out with albas oil.. I CAN'T SMELL IT!!!!

    Haribo.. midwalesman - you know me too well... :D
    Just got to steal it when the kids aren't looking!!
  20. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    - that's why I left the 'cure' open to question to tMPers that are qualified to give more information than me. ;)