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    Whilst in the supermarket I was approached by a fireman asking if I had any smoke alarms at home. I have one upstairs and one downstairs and explained that the downstairs one alarmed almost every time I did any cooking (no I don't ALWAYS burn the food!) because it was situated just outside the kitchen door. The fireman arranged for me to have a new alarm supplied and fitted free of charge.

    This morning 3 firemen arrived in a fire engine and fitted the said alarm. They have placed it away from the kitchen door so I shouldn't be troubled with false alarms. If this does happen there is a button to press which de-activates it for about 20 minutes.

    The battery is in a sealed unit so that it cannot be taken out. The battery life is 10 years, after this time the whole alarm is thrown away and replaced.

    I think this is a very worthwhile service from the fire brigade and if you are approached by a fireman in Morrisons or Asdas, get your name down for a smoke alarm!

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    I must admit I was very impressed with our local council recently. They came to fit us a new kitchen recently. While they were on they took down the smoke alarm I had fitted, put 2 new ones up and a carbon monoxide detecor as well. Apparantly every year when they come to do our gas safety check they also check the alarms and replace all batteries