Smith-Watkins Professional vs Artiste and Soloist models

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by andyh, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. andyh

    andyh Supporting Member

    Has anyone got experience of comparing the Smith-Watkins Professional model with it's K2 leadpipe against the Smith-Watkins Artiste or Soloist with the same leadpipe?

    I ask because I had a brief period playing a Professional model some years ago and recently heard a Soloist played with a K2 leadpipe and it sounded completely different. In my less-than-expert hands the Professional tended towards brightness whereas the Soloist I heard was lovely and rich.

    Last weekend I had the chance to try a Professional again, and with a range of different mouthpieces I couldn't get close to the sound I thought I'd heard although the instrument itself is lovely to play otherwise, range and dynamics are easier etc.

    Being in the market for another cornet I want to look again at the Smith-Watkins range, possibly the Artiste but only if I can get that dark rich sound.

    And yes, I'm aware of and have tried Sov 928, Prestige (1st generation), Eclipse, Xeno (GS) and York Eminence. I looked briefly recently at a Stomvi Titan with a copper bell which is definitely in the frame, but at the moment I want to sort out the questions I have about SW.

    Any views, anyone?

  2. tat

    tat Member

    I have emailed them twice off their web site and had no response back, don't think they're interested in selling any!!
  3. davethehorny

    davethehorny Member

    Give Richard a call - the number is on the website, he is amazingly helpful. He has also always replied to my e mails the same day.

    We had had magnificent service in buying a SW Cornet for my daughter and now have a SW Trumpet on approval for her to try prior to buying one.

    She thinks the SW Soloist Cornet with a K4 leadpipe the best cornet she has ever played - her previous cornets being Besson Sovereign and Wilson 450 Celebration. She says it plays brilliantly in the top register and is a joy to use. Although she is only 15, her puchase was taken very seriously by Richard Smith who spent over two hours making sure she got the right instrument with the right lead pipe.
  4. andyh

    andyh Supporting Member

    Thanks for the information, I may just do that, K4 at 15 is impressive, your daughter must have excellent stamina!

  5. Mr. Stomvi

    Mr. Stomvi Member

    I have had the opportunity to compare the Smith Watkins K2 next to the "Soloist" model with a K2 leadpipe installed many times over the years. They most definately do not sound or play the same. The "Soloist" with a K2 leadpipe is much more responsive and also darker IMHO which is why I bought my "Soloist" with a K2 and T4 leadpipes a few years ago instead of a K2 horn. The abllity to try all the leadpipes both before and after your purchase of the "Soloist" and tailor the horn to "Your" taste is well worth the extra cost over the Artist or Professional K2 horn. Just a better horn all around IMHO.

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