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    Just curious if anyone out there plays on a Smith Watkins cornet? What do you like about it? :dunno And what are the specs on yours? (K2, T0, etc)

    This must be where everyone from the brass band list disappeared to lately! Nice to find everyone again!

    Amy Nelson
    Principal Cornet
    Chicago Brass Band, USA
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    As I said in the previous thread I have a large bore with a K2 mouthpipe. One of the things that struck me when I first tried a Smith Watkins was that it 'slotted' very easily and it eliminated any risk of 'splits' or 'cracks'. I did find, however, that the mouthpiece I was using didn't get the best out of the cornet and so I ended up changing to a mp with a more open backbore. This freed everything up and I can now say that the SW cornet is the best I have ever played. In the past I have played DEG Signature, Bach Strad and Besson Sovereign 928.
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    Thanks for the link Peter! I'm still figuring out how this site works! I had the priviledge of meeting with Dr Smith just last week and selected a combination for myself. I personally liked the K4 and T0 leadpipes the best on a 470 bore. I was very highly impressed with all of his instruments and found the cornets to be the best I have ever played. I played a Sovereign 928 for 7 years. This past year has been spent on a Getzen Eterna and a Bach (I'm sorry to say on that last one). I also tried out Yamaha, Kanstul, Edwards, and Schilke. The Smith Watkins outperformed them all in every way imaginable. I am very happy with my choice and feel no need to look further.

    Thanks for the replies and if anyone else has any other thoughts I'd be curious to hear them as well!
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    Hi Amy,

    IPlay a Yamaha Maestro, but i dont think you can get these in the USA as its a UK only instrument?-I find them difficult to place the Top A and was wondering how the Smith+Watkins is like to play high on i.e. Top A's B's And C's ect. Also the 928 soveriegn was designed by Dr Smith and therefore the S+W is probably an improved version?
    Have you tried the Besson Prestige BE2028 cornet?

    I have looked around the US banding scene -and it seams that you get a lot of praise - and win every competition going!!- You must be the top cornet player in the US!??.
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    Yep she wins lots of contests besides playing! Entertaining 2 bands with her humour, eating the most diet chocolate in a day! Amazing talent this girl!
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    The S/W is very freeblowing from the lowest register all the way to the highest. As someon else mentioned earlier, the notes slot well on the horn, and the tone is clear and centered. I know that Dr Smith applied careful research to improve the intonation of the instrument, which I think must be directly related to it's freeblowing characteristics. I'm not familiar with the Maestro. Couldn't find a Prestige to even try out, tho certainly I tried. I've heard varying reports on them. Have you played one, and what did you think of it?

    Chunky knows all about entertainment as he kept us all in stitches during our trip to Norwich and the surrounding area! Even got to see Sherwood Forest!
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    Smith Watkins cornet

    I purchased my smith watkins around 3 years ago after lending jim shepherds for a couple month before he indeed went on his. (Think he used me to blow it in for him!!!)

    I too had "Mr Smith" sat in my living room with his arrangement of bores and leadpipes and after hours of deliberation I settled on two pipes.

    I found the K2 provided a nice free blowing pipe and I could settle quickly to the sound I acheived. It was also easy to produce a loud dynamic sound without going over the top!

    Because I wanted the flexibilty of being able to change my mind (like you do!!) I purchased the "soloist" cornet so the leadpipes are interchangeable.

    As an alternative to the K2, I purchased th G0, which was tighter and supported a brighter sound. Great if your wanting to cut through the band and ideal for say outside work!

    Before opting for the sw cornet, I did try the Cortoius, Besson and Yammy, not compared to the build quality, and the intonation is as good as I've tried (well for me!). Its a great cornet, not cheap, but neither was the wife!!!!

    Jimmy shep plays on the G2 leadpipe, but he could make a Jupiter sound good!!!!

    I only wish I had chosen the silver plate (at no extra cost) as my laquer finish is knackered already, and was never really much cop! Shame!!!!!!

    Martin Hall
    Principle Cornet
    Wakefield Metropopitan Band
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    I had a Maestro before buying a Smith Watkins. I didn't try the pleathora of pipes and just picked up the large bore (.470) K2 which was in the shop. I was amazed at the ease I could place the upper register in comparison to the Maestro (.469). A's are just there! I basically felt that the K2 was way better than the Maestro and as K2's were choosen by the SA staff band I went for what I perceived to be the middle of the road "utility" cornet.

    Compared the SW to a Courtois but didn't like the Courtois as much as my Maestro. Didn't look at the Besson Prestige basically due to the rumours of problems with quality. I had looked in earnest in purchasing a Besson when I bought the Maestro and but found that every Besson I picked up had sticky valves, slides, or the silver/laquer was finished poorly. Picked up the Maestro and everything worked beautifully out of the case. So the Maestro was for me.

    In terms of tone I found the Maestro a little darker than a Besson and the SW is slightly brighter than them all but not a lot in it. You can make a big noise with the Maestro

    It did take me a little while to get used to the SW but prefer it now, by a long, long way, to my Maestro.

    As with all these mini reviews this is my opinion at present and I reserve the right to change my mind in a fit of pique. :lol:
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    Amy Nelson


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