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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Martin Hall, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. Martin Hall

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    Brought myself to write this little note following a recent experince with my (now 7 year old) smith watkins cornet!

    I've always fully admired and appreciated my cornet, especially as i tested just about the lot when i parted with my hard earned cash approx 7 years ago now, and have maintained and cared for it just the same.

    With the publicity of the new "Xeno" and before that the "Prestige", I, like many tried and tested these cornets, even if just out of couriosity, but always prefered my beloved "Smithy".

    So picture my mood last rehearsal when i went to place the cornet on the floor and i knocked the top of a mute causing a slight dent in the third valve slide, which sounds nothing major, but it rendered the trigger action useless!!! (buy a cornet stand i hear you cry!!)

    The very next morning I contacted Richard Smith (the maker) at his lovely workshop just north of York, who said simply "bring it over and I'll sort it, no problem". That i did, and he fixed the dent and the mechanism that instant and sent me on my way with my cornet good as new, whats more, he didnt charge me a penny! What a gentleman!!

    Aftersales was a concern of mine when origially purchasing a bespoke instrument like this and not a "mainstreem" brand, but boy am i glad i did!

    Wonder if this is generally the case with other manufacturers?
  2. BoozyBTrom

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    I have an Edwards Bass Trombone its about 8 years old and as with everything parts start to wear. Over the last 18 months i have had to replace certain moving parts and some plastic bits that have degraded.

    Everytime i have contacted the Valve they have sent me spares and certain upgraded units free of charge. I havent even had to pay for postage.

    Its a similar situation with the American crowd too. I was at the ITF in Brimingham this year and the trade stand guy gave me a few odds and sodds free of charge.

    So its Edwards all the way for me.
  3. Martin Hall

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    Maybe the "big boys" should take note of this standard of service hey!!!
  4. andyh

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    This is music to my ears as my SW is just over a year old - good to think that if it develops any problems I could get it sorted as easily !

    Apart from the accident, how well has your SW stood up to 7 years wear and tear?

  5. GJacko

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    I bought ae Eclipse trumpet from First Class Brass a couple of years ago. Haven't needed it fixing yet, but I know if I do, Leigh and his team will do a First Class job....every time.

    Great instrument too!! The best.
  6. agentorange

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    Still sounds broke to me mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Martin Hall

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    Now dont be cheeky!!!!
  8. Martin Hall

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    Its great, even after 7 years, the valves, blowing everything as good as the first day i bought it, in fact its better!

    The only thing i have done is had it silver plated over the original laquar as is started to show signs of wear, which is only understandable considering the "hammer" it gets!! And thats probably just me being picky!!