Small bore Jazz trombone wanted

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Bakaman, Jan 5, 2016.

  1. Bakaman

    Bakaman Member

    Hi, I am looking for either a Rath R1 or a Yamaha 691/697/891/897 or similar. So we are talking 7.5in bells and something like 0.5in slide bore.

    I already have a King 3B but I want something smaller.

    It must be in really good condition with no slide wear.

    I am based in London.

  2. mat_spedding

    mat_spedding New Member

    King 2B silversonic 1950 serial number? If you are interested then send me a message.
  3. Paul M

    Paul M New Member

    Got an Urbie Green model trombone (Martin) - hardly played - however it is 8 inch bell but .500 bore. If interested send me a message
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  4. Bakaman

    Bakaman Member

    Thanks Paul, I'm not the strong player that the Urbie seems to demand, I'm afraid.
  5. Thornybank

    Thornybank Member

    I have a Paris Selmer Bolero from the late 70s? early 80s? with only a few hours on it.
    Plays great all the way up and down.
    PM for more info/pics/discusion....?
  6. Bakaman

    Bakaman Member

    Search over, 3B found, it's good enough for me though I would have preferred a nice Yamaha 697/897, pretty rare though.
  7. Thornybank

    Thornybank Member

    Sold my 70s 2B for £450 and my large bore Conn Artist Symphony for £500. Have an UMI Benge 170 Freelance out there for £550.
  8. Ray Ashley-Brown

    Ray Ashley-Brown New Member

    Do you happen to have that Benge 170 still Thornybank?

  9. Vegasbound

    Vegasbound Active Member

    Ray... there was one a week or so ago on TTF !
  10. Thornybank

    Thornybank Member

    The Benge is now in Sweden.
    My Selmer Bolero went, too.
  11. Ray Ashley-Brown

    Ray Ashley-Brown New Member

    Ok. Thanks!
  12. 2nd tenor

    2nd tenor Well-Known Member

    Some one looking for a Trombone to play Jazz on could be pleased with a JP Rath 230. The 7 1/2" Bell and 0.500" Bore seem to work quite well for that use (as per videos 'watched' on YouTube and comments from an aquaintence who has one). I have tried a 230 out; whilst the 230 wouldn't be my first choice for brass band work (IMHO it's too Jazzy) it did play effortlessly for me allowing me to concentrate on the music rather than divert some thought to getting the best out of the instrument.