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    Elland Silver Band are holding their Annual Slow Melody & Quartet Contest on Sunday 15th May from 10.30pm.

    Further details and entry forms are available from Kathleen Harrison on 01484 717126 or email
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    near Dublin
    Are slow melody duets aloud at all?

    Which county are you all in?
  3. VenusTromster

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    Does anyone know the results for this contest? I've heard of a couple of placings but not enough to put in a list!
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    St Helens
    That was late starting ;)
  5. tubafran

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    from 4barsrest
    Results: Elland Slow Melody

    Full results and report from the 16th Elland Silver Band Slow Melody Contest.

    Elland Silver Band 16th Annual Slow Melody Sunday May 15th.

    11 years & under:
    1. Jan Nowiki (Dobcross Youth)
    2. Joe Sails (Kirkbymoorside)
    3. Johnathon Bates (Thurlstone)

    Adjudicators award which could go to any player for any reason in this section went to Jennifer Brown (Oldham Brass (Lees). Jennifer received this award because she just missed out on a placing coming in 4th place.

    14 years & under:
    1. James McCleod (Houghton Area Youth)
    2. Albert Gaukroger (Elland Silver Youth)
    3. Catherine Caldwell (Oldham Brass (Lees)

    Best euphonium in this section went to James McCleod (Houghton Area Youth)

    Youngest player: Ashley Whiting age 7 playing euphonium (Elland Silver Training Band)

    Lynda Nicholson was the adjudicator for the above two sections. Linda remarked on the excellent standard of playing and said they she had really enjoyed the competition. She did advise that players observe the words that accompanied a piece of music.

    16 years & under:
    1. Jack Sails (Kirkbymoorside)
    2. James McCleod (Houghton Area Youth)
    3. Edward Rowe (Skelmanthorpe B)

    This section was in the hands of Billy Rushworth. Billy Rushworth he said overall he was pleased with the standard, however he did advise that when playing something that had words players must study the words along with the music.

    Open Age:
    1. Billy Rushworth
    2. John Sails (Kirkbymoorside)
    3. Jeanette Kendal (Kirkbymoorside)

    Best Cornet: John Sails (Kirkbymoorside)

    Veterans: (Over 40):
    1. John Sails (Kirkbymoorside)
    2. Martin Ainsworth (Eatons Farnsworth)
    3. Michelle Taylor (Strata)

    Best Bass: John Pullin (Hepworth)

    Senior Quartets:
    Chapletown Brass

    David Hirst was in charge of the Open Veterans & Quartets. David remarked that he had enjoyed the playing and especially the quartet.

    Best Flugel of the day went to Owen Hicks (Elland Silver Youth)
    Once again this contest was very well attended with some 65 solo entries but sadly this year only one quartet had entered. This was partly due to the fact that it was Whit Sunday and quite a few bands were leading the church parades. Next years contest will be on Sunday May 14. We look forward to yet again another very happy day of making music. Thanks to all who supported this years contest and to all our adjudicators.

    Report sent by Secretary Kathleen Harrison
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