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  1. marksmith

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    What constitutes a 'Slow Melody' at a solo contest?
    After recently adjudicating at a Midland solo contest, I felt frustrated at what some players now consider to be a 'Slow Melody'.
    Surely the title suggests a steady tempo, with a melodic foundation?
    I sat through 30+ performances, with some individuals choosing to play music which resembled a technical exercise from the Arban study book ( e.g runs of demi-semi quavers, played at quite brisk tempos, etc).
    Following the section, I made my feelings known, stating that I felt some music choices to be inappropriate to play.
    Some outstanding players made some poor choices, in my opinion.
    So, what, in your opinion, is a 'Slow Melody' and what are your favourite pieces?
  2. Accidental

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    Interesting question, and I would agree with your definition. Some lovely arrangements of slow tunes do have a few ornaments and embellishments, but its a fine line between that and just too many notes imho!

    It sounds like you would have enjoyed the choices at the recent scaba solo contest - some of my favourites were played, including Demelza, My Ain Folk, Berceuse de Jocelyn, Misty & Share My Yoke
  3. marksmith

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    I also observe the inability of many adult players to control their nerves, in this situation.
    Is it true that players become more nervous, the older they get, or is there a physical change responsible for the nerves?
    I have been competing at these contests for 40+ years, still get a buzz. How about you?

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