Slippy Conditions.

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    You thought this would be about ice or snow didn't you?
    Not exactly, for the railway and steam enthusiasts, below is a video clip taken at the height of the leaf fall season on the same railway I am involved with, and drive on, but with one of the other drivers in charge. He is Richard Green and his fireman is Dave Barker, Richard is one of the now many drivers I have given original instruction to in the days when he was a trainee, conversely Richards father was one of the many drivers who helped in my training. Then I bought a cornet and added brass banding to my hobbies.:D
    The section of line this video was taken on, is approximately 1 in 29 steep, mix that with a sloppy mix of previously crushed leaf, and you might as well have put oil and grease on the rail. This results in a quite spectacular demonstration of steam engine driving in adverse conditions.
    Could I have done better? I doubt it, for the crew had already exhausted the supply of sand on the loco, in getting to where they were captured on video.