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  1. Brian Kelly

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    Everyone who saw Black Dyke at the Bridgewater Hall and at the Open yesterday will have seen the new slim-line Nick Childs (there were gasps and even applause when he came on stage yesterday).

    Glynn Williams of Fodens also seems to have lost quite a bit of weight lately.

    The question is

    Hope I am not being too personal about this, I just need to lose some weight myself.
  2. mikelyons

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    The ones that work for me are - in order of preference:

    Stop eating and drinking

    Catch a proper dose of flu

    Become a teacher

    Have your jaws wired

    Smoke a lot

    :):oops: :hammer

    *got my coat*
  3. Di

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    Have seen Nick and Glyn, don't they look great! I posted this link in another thread somewhere, but here it is again.

    I myself started the Atkins diet on June 13th and as of this morning have lost 2 and half stones. :-D I went to my Mums yesterday and she had piled a box full of cooking apples to 2 and half stone and made me pick it up. Wooo, that don't half make you feel good! Of course, there's shopping for clothes 2 sizes smaller as well. :p :-D
  4. Will the Sec

    Will the Sec Active Member

    For me, it was a combination of factors.

    I was 19st 7lb (273lb) at Christmas.

    In the New Year I got the OK to exercise gently after 7 months of inactivity due to a serious Achilles' Tendon injury.

    At the same time I resolved to tidy up my diet.

    So... I began swimming, and after a fortnight added in a cricket net at the weekend.

    I didn't count calories as such, but went for medium sliced bread rather than extra thick; packed meats rather than large chunks from the deli; extra light Hellman's mayo which is 150 calories less per hundred grams than the "lightest" margarine.

    I stopped buying seets (candy), and bought more fruit.

    The swimming was a shock to the system, but the cricket came back fluently. I lost 2 stone within 6 weeks, and several people at the areas thought I was "Will's brother". When the cricket season started an old mate of mine walked straight past me - even allowing for the weight I'd put on whilst inactive, and then lost, Lindon SHOULD have recognised me - we've fought tooth and nail on the pitch and drunk many a softie after a game many times.

    The swimming got easier, and I now go three or four times a week.

    At the last count, even having been less than faithful to the new regime whilst on holiday, I'm down to 15st 7lb. I've still a further 7 lbs to go - the quack agrees that my "ideal" weight of 14st 2lb would be rather low for me, so if I hit 15st then she'll organise a full exam and diet/weight recommendations.

    My five best tips are:

    Don't allow well meaning people to convince you that you don't need to lose weight because "you carry it well" or "you look good for your size". Your heart and arteries will disagree with them.

    If you think you're hungry, have a drink of water. The body often confuses the two and sends out the wrong signal. The drink often satiates the "hunger".

    Allow yourself one treat a week. For me this is in the pub before band. It means that I get a hot meal, and the gathering is an important social ritual within the band.

    If you have a bad spell, don't give up; but don't overcompensate either. Go back to your original gameplan.

    If you have any history of it in your immediate or extended family, have a blood test to check on Diabetes.

    This has worked for me.

    For a few of my friends, the support and advice provided by Weight Watchers has been their catalyst to success. Having seen the results, I'd say it is as effective a method as any.

    Happy to discuss in confidence by PM should any individual wish it.
  5. lynchie

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    As anyone from Bestwood who took me out yesterday will tell you, I'm very restricting in what I eat and drink...

    Anyway, good luck to anyone trying to lose weight. As far as I can tell the most important thing is keeping the will power going and not being upset by set-backs. My sister did the whole diet thing last year and she had periods where she didn't lose anything for a while, but her family and friends supported her and kept her going and now she's her ideal weight! (proud brother syndrome)
  6. Raspberry

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    Ahem Mr Lynch, you had a few drinks after the concert then a three course meal then a few more drinks after the meal - I could see that you were very strict with yourself!!! You didn't turn down any offers of a drink either!!!! However we are very grateful you came to help us out at short notice so had to re-pay you back appropriately!!!

    On a more serious note, a friend of mine went to weight watchers and lost several pounds and looks well for it.

    As for me, I suppose I need to think of a more suitable drink other than beer to help reduce my waistline!
  7. flugelgal

    flugelgal Active Member

    Anyone who knows me from a few years ago will know that, although I am still "cuddly" I have lost a lot of weight. I did it slowly, by a little cycling on an exercise bike and a bit of swimming (I used to go before work somedays - great way to wake up). I also cut down on chocolate and fizzy drinks, and tried to fry less food. I drank loads of water. I still managed to enjoy one or two alchoholic drinks and the odd curry, but I still lost over 2 stone (but over a much longer time than Will lost his weight). I think I'm now about 3 stone ligther than I was but I don't know for sure because I haven't actually weighed myself for about a year.

    I feel a lot more energetic and healthy and it's so much nicer being a 14 instead of an 18-20 in trouser size!

    I still don't have a flat stomach but I don't care because I think, although I'm still not the "ideal weight" for my height, I'm the right weight for me!

    Just don't take it too far and make yourself unhealthy, Bryan!

    Personally, although I'm glad the Atkins has worked for Dinie, I'm scared by it. I have seen it work for many people but the long term effects of not eating a "balanced" diet scare me too much for me to try it. Also, I love carbohydrates ;) .
  8. ratley

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    Well done. all of you!!

    I'm still battling with my weight - I seem to have been on a permanent diet since I stopped smoking 7 years ago...

    Slimming World is helping, but I need help on the 'staying focussed' front. Does anyone have any realistic tips or ideas on how to keep going?

    Kay xxx :-(
  9. flugelgal

    flugelgal Active Member

    That word up there is the key. Don't think "I'm on a diet" or "I can't have". Just find things you can eat copious amounts of (I love celery so have been known to eat loads of that) and don't deny yourself things you love totally - so still have the odd bar of chocolate - otherwise you will end up constantly thinking about food which isn't good....
  10. elizabeth connor

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    i've always had a weight problem and it got worse when i got pregnant with my 18month old son MATTHEW, i wasnt eating for two, more like ten!!

    Well i joined SLIMMING WORLD and managed to loose 3 stone its took me over a year to do, and its not all been plain sailing BUT the weight has come off by sticking to the plan and doing a bit more exersise - which for me consists of taking Matthew for a walk in his pram! Hey walking is free and one of the best forms of excersise - swimming is great too.

    BUT..... a girl can NEVER have too much chocolate... !!! Everything in moderation!

    Good luck you can do it!


  11. DublinBass

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    Actually I had asked David Childs about this when at the Bromsgrove summer school (and it has been coroborated by members of Foden's and Black Dyke - so I think it is true), but apparently Nick and Glyn have been playing a lot of Squash (and from what it sounds like, together).

    I've never played squash, but after seeing some of the results am quite anxious to start.
  12. DeeTee

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    The key is not to give up and have an aim I think. I am also on Slimming world and have now lost 1 stone 2.5 pounds in 5 weeks. There is plenty of free foods you can have, so abuse them. Quorn is good for currys and Chilli, add lots of flavours and veg and its brilliant and filling. Also try and have a treat, perhaps once a week.

    The problem with Brass bands everyone likes a drink and its quite hard I find especially on contest days to resist. Spirits are the best value though.

    Keep going, you can do it.
  13. bigcol

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    Just add my 10p's worth. I've lost 1 and a half stone since I came back off holiday at the beginning of the month.

    How? By eating 2,000 calories a day, only eating 4% fat food or less, and giving myself a big treat once a week i.e. going out for a slap up meal.

    Works a treat!

    The 4% fat is important - apparently it stops the body storing the fat you eat because there is little in the bloodstream, so it HAS to get its fat from your stores.

    The 2,000 calories is quite easy too - a bowl of cereal is 250 cals, a nice big sandwich with low fat stuff on is another 5-600, leaving you 1,000 for a nice big tea. Leaves 100-200 cals spare for a nibble i.e. fruit or a pint ;)

    I use to help keep track of the calories.
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  14. HBB

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    Lost 2 stone in 2 months on Slimming World! Great, cos you can eat what you want! :)
  15. Ali

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    Some of the members of Dobcross are currently on a sponsored weight loss scheme, with both Dennis Hadfield and myself leading the way. The members have lost about 40 pounds up to now and all the funds raised are going towards the band. This scheme was introduced thanks to the likes of Nick and Glyn who were instumental (though they dont actually know it) in getting the scheme underway. They have proved to everyone that if you put your mind to something and you really want to succeed, then you will. Well done to everyone.
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  16. DeeTee

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    Well done everyone, sounds like a keep fit campaign is going on. What next in the brass band world!

    Congratulations to HBB for losing the 2 stone, looks so so much better for it.
  17. PeterBale

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    I'm tempted to say he couldn't have looked any worse, but I'd better not :) ;) :oops:
  18. DeeTee

    DeeTee New Member

    I wouldn't like to be you when you meet him face to face:)
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  19. mikelyons

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    If anyone at Dobx would like to donate a stone to me, please feel free.
  20. ian perks

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    I know all of the Childs Family,and am in regular contact with Nick.
    It was great to see him at the OPEN looking well and a total new person.
    He as worked very hard to get his weight down through:
    He as not cheated once on anything to eat i.e:CREAM CAKES etc.
    Myself do a lot of swimming4/5 times a week average 60 lenghts a time only takes about 40 mins to do and i am not a fast swimmer but stick to a pace and maintain that pace.
    Last yaer i did a sponsered swim for the band to raise money for the national finals a total of almost £1000.00.
    I swam a ditsance of 1andquater miles (100 Lenghts) in a time of 1hr 2min,27 secs,in which a group of the band played during the swim.:-D