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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by alks, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. alks

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    Last year a sound team from channel 4 recorded our band (marshfield) playing a march for the new series of skins to be broadcast this year (2010).
    Apprently the episode we are featured in is on this thursday on E4 at 10.00pm

    Ive no idea what context the music will be used or for what reason but they spent time recording various "band" sound effects as well as the march "our director". We didnt have time to reherse or do a great take of it - it was all very quick. We had to sight read the piece as we did not know what we were playing until the last minute.

    Hopefully it will sound ok

  2. alks

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    Well it was on - i can see why they chose our band hall as it has just the right amount of echo and muffled sound they were looking for.

    I expect it will be available to watch online from tommorow (channel 4)

  3. PurpleHaze

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    I saw it last night! Don't reallllly know what to say, i just hope the majority of your band are younger members if they decide to watch it, haha. ;)
  4. alks

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    Perhaps some of the older members should give it a miss lol ;)
    Didn't expect us to be accompianing (or any brass band) such a intimate scene!!

    Available to watch online here (series 4 episode 2)


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