Skelmanthorpe Band Slow Melody Contest 2011

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    The Annual Skelmanthorpe Band Slow Melody and Ensemble Competition will take place on Saturday 12th November 2011 at Pilling Lane Methodist Church, Skelmanthorpe, taking the same format as last year’s event which saw over 60 competitors from 15 bands from across the country, playing in the eight sections.

    This year the Band is delighted to have secured the services of Sandy Smith, Resident Conductor of the Brighouse & Rastrick Band as adjudicator.

    Competition organiser, Graham Bates commented “last year proved to be another popular and enjoyable event with adjudicator, Alan Morrison commented on how much he had enjoyed his day “in the box, rounding the day off by taking part in the Random Section with an “interesting” rendition of “The Acrobat” on trombone which found its way onto YouTube before we had even left the building”. We have again opted for the “Ensemble” format (2 to 8 players), rather than quartets, to allow more flexibility in numbers and music played. The Junior section age limit will be 18 & under.

    Separate indoor warming-up facilities have been arranged again this year and hot and cold food and drinks will again be available throughout the day. If you’re interested in taking part, Graham can be contacted on 07999 751988 or

    11 years and under Slow Melody
    14 years and under Slow Melody
    16 years and under Slow Melody
    Open age Slow Melody
    Veterans (40 years & over) Slow Melody
    Junior (18 & under) Ensemble
    Open Ensemble
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    The closing date for the contest is just round the corner, on the 10th November. The draw will take place ON THE DAY OF THE CONTEST. Entry forms available via post from or can be sent electronically in PDF format from

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