Skelmanthorpe Band Slow Melody Contest 2010

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    The Annual Skelmanthorpe Band Slow Melody and Ensemble Competition will take place on Saturday 13th November 2010 at Pilling Lane Methodist Church, Skelmanthorpe. The competition will follow the same format as last year’s event which saw 58 competitors from 15 bands from across the North of England, playing in 8 sections.

    This year the Band is delighted to have secured the services of Alan Morrison as adjudicator.

    Organising the event again this year, Graham Bates commented “once again last year proved to be a fantastic experience, with excellent music and great fun enjoyed by audience, adjudicator and participants alike”.

    We have again opted for the “Ensemble” format (2 to 8 players), rather than quartets, to allow more flexibility in numbers and music played and have increased the Junior section age limit to 18 & under as we hope to attract more entries in this section in particular.

    The “random” section is back again, where competitors draw an instrument other than their own and sight-read a verse of their chosen National Anthem (music provided!) on what could be anything from a 100-year old tuba to a swanee whistle! Last year’s adjudicator, Leigh Baker enjoyed his day “in the box” so much, he asked to take part in the Random Section himself and produced an ‘interesting’ rendition of the Djibouti National Anthem on the cornet!

    Separate indoor warming-up facilities have been arranged again this year and hot and cold food and drinks will again be available throughout the day.

    If you’re interested in taking part, Graham can be contacted on 07999 751988,, or or via the facebook site dedicated to the event:

    11 years and under Slow Melody
    14 years and under Slow Melody
    16 years and under Slow Melody
    Open age Slow Melody
    Veterans (40 years & over) Slow Melody
    Junior (18 & under) Ensemble
    Open Ensemble
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    The "catering committee" have confirmed there will be a whiff of bacon butties from around 9.00am in the morning.

    Yumm :p
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    And hot beef sandwiches afterwards with a possibility of hot pork pies :D
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    Good Grief I've finally become a Veteran!
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    It's all systems go for tomorrow, with 54 entries representing 14 different bands and people travelling from as far afield as Blackpool, Stoke and London. :clap:
    Let's hope for another great day's entertainment and friendship.
    It all kicks off at 10.30am at Pilling Lane Church, Skelmanthorpe (HD8 9EQ) so we look forward to seeing you then.
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    I'm just going for the grub you realise...! ;)
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    Well another year's done and dusted! :p

    A really enjoyable day with some exceptional performances (notably in the 14 and unders, felt the standard was exceedingly high). The random section was yet again the popular hit as this years competitor's failed in attempting to make the violin sound like anything apart from a creaky door; failed to even produce a note on the flute; and deafened the hall with a rendition of the Moldovian national anthem on the Vuvuzela.

    Congratulations to overall champion, Nick Walker from Clifton and Lightcliffe.

    Results: (Adjudicator: Alan Morrison)

    11 Years and Under:
    1. Hannah Stell (Skelmanthorpe 'B' Band)
    2. Robert Lambert (Poulton Youth Band)

    14 Years and Under:
    1. Bethany Moore
    2. James Charnock (Milnrow Youth)
    3. Jay Jay Vernon (Lions Youth)

    16 Years and Under:
    1. Nick Walker (Clifton and Lightcliffe)
    2. Jay Jay Vernon (Lions Youth)
    3. Alex Crisp (Clifton and Lightcliffe)

    Junior Ensemble:
    1. Milnrow Youth

    1. Ian Gill (Lindley)
    2. Debbie Bates (Thurlstone)
    3. Jim Tew (VBS Poynton)

    Open Ensemble:
    1. Just Brass Ensemble
    2. The Three Tenors (Thurlstone)
    3. Rory & Fiona Rolfe (United Co-op Crewe)

    1. Nick Walker (Clifton and Lightcliffe)
    2. Jim Tew (VBS Poynton)
    3. Laura Brown (Skelmanthorpe)

    1. Jim Tew (Broken Flute)
    2. Charlotte Hirst (Mouldy Trombone)
    3. Fiona Rolfe (100 year old Bb Bass with valvecaps missing)
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    A great contest - lots of very friendly rivalry to give a fun and welcoming atmosphere - brought 2 watchers who are keen to enter next year!!
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    Who won the Pie eating section Jonny? ;)
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    Well done Graham and the team. Where else in the world would you ever read results for a slow melody like that -
    1. Jim Tew (Broken Flute)
    2. Charlotte Hirst (Mouldy Trombone)
    3. Fiona Rolfe (100 year old Bb Bass with valvecaps missing)

    It's a terrific bit of fun.
    Congratulations to all the winners. Sorry I couldn't be there.
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    Got to be my fave comp of all time! The beef rolls were scrumptioulicious! :biggrin: Think I'll change to BBb...!
    Well done Graham and Jonny :clap: - looking forward to next year already - but I'm still not doing a solo!