Skelmanthorpe Band Annual Slow Melody & Ensemble Contest

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    The Skelmanthorpe Band will hold its Annual Slow Melody and Ensemble Competition at Pilling Lane Chapel, Skelmanthorpe, on Saturday 8th November, starting at 11.00am.

    There will be sections for 11 & under; 14 & under; 16 & under and Open, as well as a Veterans’ Section, Junior Ensemble and Open Ensemble. In addition a special section for a bit of fun has been included – a ‘Random’ Section, where entrants draw an instrument other than their own out of a hat and play a verse of the National Anthem!

    Organising this year’s event is Graham Bates who commented “The ensemble idea makes entries less restrictive than the traditional quartet – we’re welcoming anything from a duet to an octet. The ‘Random’ Section is a bit of fun, especially if a percussionist draws out the trombone!”. :biggrin:

    The band is home to two successful senior bands ( both national finalists 2008 ) and a training band, affectionately known as the “nippers”, who will perform a short concert prior to the announcement of the results.

    Keeping in control of events will be the ‘legends’ that are Reg Shaw and Ronnie Bates – famous for their hard-working exploits for many years at Holme Band Club and the Holmfirth Contest - who have been dragged out of retirement for the event. Refreshments will also be available thanks to the kind assistance of the ladies of the band & committee.

    Entry forms are being sent to local bands, however these can also be obtained by contacting Graham on 07999 751988 or e-mail, or by visiting the band’s website once the webmaster has recovered from this weekend!
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    Entry form now updated onto the band website, with entries and enquiries coming in from several bands already. We are pleased to have secured the services of Kevin Wadsworth as adjudicator and look forward to seeing as many people there as possible.
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    With over 50 entries representing 12 bands, competing in 8 different sections, it promises to be a good day's competition tomorrow. Pop along if you like - 11.00am start at Pilling Lane Chapel, Skelmanthorpe. We look forward to seeing you there.
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    Had a cracking day today Graham. It's been years since I did a slow melody but it was great fun. Good humoured and constructive adjudication, good banter all day, and the random section was an awesome idea, what a laugh! (great tuba playing by the way mate ;) )

    Well done to all the winners, there were some superb performances over the course of the day. Looking forward to next year already!
  5. Congratulations to Clifton & Lightcliffe Band - winners of the under 14's, under 16's, Junior Ensemble, Open, and Senior Ensemble. Mark Crisp on cornet is a class act - following in the family tradition there!! The future certainly looks bright for Clifton.

    Great atmosphere and with over 50 entries from over 10 different bands lets hope the event goes from strength to strength. I might even enter next year!!

    Well done to Graham Bates for organising the event, to Kevin Wadsworth for his adjudication, and to all the helpers for making the day so successful.

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    There was an excellent turn-out at the third Skelmanthorpe Band Annual Slow Melody and Ensemble Competition at the weekend. 56 performances were heard from members of 12 different bands during the eight sections.

    Organiser, Graham Bates, commented “we are delighted with the response to this year’s event, especially to the new initiatives of changing the quartet section to an ensemble, and introducing a ‘random’ section where entrants draw an instrument out of a hat (anything other than their own) and play a verse of any National Anthem – sometimes with hilarious results”.

    The Senior Ensemble Section also provided much amusement with anything from tradition quartet music, through to a Trombone Trio Tribute to ABBA, and even the theme to the ASDA adverts appearing along the way.

    The organisation is home to three bands with the two senior ensembles having just competed in the National Finals, and whilst the results were being collated, a brief concert was given by the Training Band (known as “The Nippers”) – the future of the band – under their M.D. Alan Coe.

    “Slow Melody Competitions are regarded as an excellent opportunity, especially for young brass instrumentalists, to gain experience and confidence, and we hope we can repeat this success next year. Next year’s event will be held on Saturday 7th November 2009, when it is hoped even more entries will be received, especially in the 11 & under and Junior Ensemble Sections”.

    Special thanks go to Kevin Wadsworth for adjudicating throughout the day.


    11 years & under (2 entries):
    1 Harriet Minor (Skelmanthorpe Training)
    2 Alexander Robertson (Skelmanthorpe Training)
    14 years & under (10 entries):
    1 Nick Walker (Clifton & Lightcliffe)
    2 Jonathan Bates (Skelmanthorpe B)
    3 Lewis Bettles (Thurlstone)
    16 years & under (11 entries):
    1 Mark Crisp (Clifton & Lightcliffe)
    2 Charlotte Heaven (Oldham (Lees))
    3 Jonathan Bates (Skelmanthorpe B)
    Junior Ensemble (1 entry):
    1 Clifton & Lightcliffe Juniors
    Open (9 entries):
    1 Mark Crisp (Clifton & Lightcliffe)
    2 Jonathan Bates (Skelmanthorpe B)
    3 Jim Tew (VBS Poynton)
    Veterans (6 entries):
    1 Jim Tew (VBS Poynton)
    2 Ian Gill (YBS Concert)
    3 Paula Fisher (Skelmanthorpe B)
    Senior Ensemble (5 entries):
    1 Clifton & Lightcliffe Octet
    2 The Three Tenors (Thurlstone)
    3 Clifton & Lightcliffe Quartet
    Random (12 entries):
    1 Nick Stokes (Stocksbridge)
    2 Paul Thewlis (Skelmanthorpe)
    3 Graham Bates (PMSL - for the audacity to turn up)
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    Comedy gold :lol: