Sir Sandy of Smith's Weapon of Mass Destruction!

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  1. 5010 Hn

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    I noticed in a recent copy of BB that Sandy Smith seems to be playing an interesting looking horn. Anyone know what make/model it is?

    It looks like it has a frosted type covering, similar to the old imperial/regent B&H models, but in gold.
  2. T-Horn

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    Sandys horn is very unique.
    I can't rememeber what he's done to it but he's basically tinckered with it. The lead pipe has been slightly ajusted and slides have been altered.
    I think Aidan will be able to tell you more about it. He was his teacher longer than he was mine. (I think??)
  3. Vickitorious

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    I think he told us that it was made out of several different old horns, all lil bits put together... I'm not sure though.. can't remember.... :confused:

    But whatever it is in the end.. It works wonders :biggrin::clap:
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    Don't know what it is, but the sound that comes out of it is amazing.
  5. Sandy's horn was created by a friend of mine - a very talented brass repairer and customiser named Alistair Hanson.

    Whilst it started off as a standard horn, it has gone through a number of changes over the years (mouthpipes, bells...) and has recently been refinished with a unique "vintage brass" look.

    Alistair devotes much of his time to instrument manufacture now (both brass and woodwind). His web site is :

    Hope this helps !
  6. brassneck

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    ... did the horn start off as an Imperial? :confused:
  7. Aidan

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    most of the parts are yamaha i think
  8. I believe it started off as a Sovereign.

    Mouthpipe and bell and both Alistair's own. He also did work on the valves and the finish in frosted brass...
  9. yonhee

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    Whats it look like?
  10. brassneck

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    ... like a horn with a gold satin finish! :tongue:

    (... wouldn't mind someone submitting a pic though!)
  11. JamesResurgam

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    Originally made by Scottish Gas

    If it's parts of his original horn the tubing was supplied by Scottish Gas. The mouthpipe was a blow torch from the North Sea Gas platforms. The valves came from Grangemouth oil refinary, and the mouthpiece was made by some poor soul from Edgware.
    Do you know where Grimethorpe go to get a New Horn player? Ask any member;they go to the local cemetary and dig one up named Smith. LOL

  12. brassneck

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    ... hope it doesn't leak! :eek: