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    I'm currently working on a large-scale composition for brass band, a tone poem in 10 movements lasting around an hour. The music has it's own wesbite, Singularis - A Tone Poem for Brass Band in 10 movements complete with audio and score samples and a general synopsis.

    Why? Well a lot of longer-form original brass band music has to conform to the "test piece" standard of about 12 minutes, a certain format, a certain style - and for good reason too as it will have most chance of being played. However I've often wondered why can't there be longer pieces of music - sure stamina in an issue, but why not? Apart from the Gaia Symphony (which is a bit of a hack of 4 pieces rather than something through-composed in one time period) I've not been able to find anything of a similar scale.

    I'm looking to have the first play through of the music via an open rehearsal and concert of bandspeople in the North East at the end of November and will be inviting people when I have the details confirmed.

    Take a look, let me know what you think, there's also a Twitter page for updates Singularis (@singularisbb) | Twitter

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