Singing at Entertainment Contests??

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by JohnnyEuph, Jan 4, 2004.

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    I was just wondering... if you've got a decent singer in your band (who also plays an instrument), are there any rules which prevent them from doing a song with band accompaniment? and are there also any specific rules on, say using a P.A to carry their voice over the band?? (technically it isnt an instrument).

    Also, has anyone got any ideas as to how you would incorporate something like that into an Entertainment programme??? :wink: :?:

    Cheers, John.
  2. Vickitorious

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    We got someone to sing Angels with us once, but it was for a concert not a contest! :)
  3. We did once with our band a song, where all had to sing. And it was to a entertainment contest. When the adjudicators decided the winners, they said our song definately had givin us more points.... That time, the adjudicator was Arvid Anthun and someone else.... As for pieces a soloist could sing, I've once heard a version of Copacabana. I can't remember what the name was of it, but it was a really entertainment piece (By meaning, the soloist flirted with the audience...). Also our orchestra did "Be my Life's Companion" as a singing trio.....
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    In 1998 at the SCABA Entertainment Contest in Crawley a vocalist (who was also a member the band) won the 'solo' prize. The adjudicator was Gordon Higginbottom who had to check with the organisers first before he gave her the prize. As far as I can remember she also used a microphone.

    Amazingly, the following year the same vocalist won the 'solo' prize again (jointly with a trombonist!! A-hem). The adjudicator on this occassion was Tony Cresswell who, again, had to check with the organisers whether he was allowed to give the prize to a vocalist.

    The band - by the way - was Mayfield.

    I think provided you choose the right song i.e. not too long and not too 'way out' (for want of a better expression) any song could fit in to an Entertainment Contest programme.

  5. Di

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    Singing in an entertainment contest, yes its been done, solo and/or whole band. Check the rules for each particular contest. As long as there is not a clause that specifically states "No vocals" go for it. :p
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    My band recently played at Wychavon Entertainment contest and played Riverdance with one of our percussionists singing. Adjudicator commented on how refreshing it was... But we did check the rules beforehand...
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    Singing works at entertainment contests as previous post show, however we have never ventured into the realms of big band singing or almost cabaret as that could appear a little 'cheesy' in my eyes. We have used vocal solos (music written for band though) and had the whole band singing on a few occasions (once in 4 part harmonies!!!!!) which really does look and sound great when it works. The audience almost fell off their chairs when a bunch of 40 kids stood up and burst into a hymn completely balanced and in tune being sang in 4 parts. :shock: Great :D
  8. super_sop

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    and what a fabulous performance it was too. i really enjoyed it, and so refreshing to see a band do somthing different
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    Cheers all! you've given me some interesting ideas!
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    have to agree...I guess as I am a little biased as I joined Bottyburps band shortly after.
    The vocalist sings at most concerts - it provides a refreshing break from the band. At the contest it was very well recieved by the audience
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    When I was at Sellers many moons ago. (1991 I think) at Spennymoor our flugel player stood up and sang a lovely Christmas song called 'Who is he? It was arranged by Richard Phillips. It was stunning. She sang like an angel. However, it did cause a bit of a stir in the band press, one writer (who shall remain nameless) said something along the lines that it was Brass in Concert not Voice in Concert!

    At the Scottish Co-op some members of the band stood up and sung at last years Spennymoor.

    It can be done and if it is done convincingly then it can be successful. But not all judges may be appreciative. If it is poss. check who the adjudicator is and try and find out their influences.

    Good luck.
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    Thankyou! Who do you play for?
  13. super_sop

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    Hiya, I'm the principal cornet at Wem. My wife daughter and myself went into listen to your section primarily to hear an old band of mine, Porthywaen, and to hear a very good friend of mine who plays for Shirley.
    but we were so impresed that we stayed for the lot! Even Karen who is definately not a brass enthusiast enjoyed it. Especially the singing. it brought a freshh outlook into the day. so much so that shes alraedy booked the day off next year to go to the contest :p
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  15. Razor

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    I remember hearing that particular rendition at Spennymoor. The solo voice at the beginning was certainly unexpected but in that particular piece it most definately worked and the soloist excelled. For me personally, a special moment was created by soloist, band and conductor that day!
  16. backrowbloke

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    we still do it a christmas with the percussionist (from wychavon) singing it. goes down a storm
  17. yr_epa

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    I remeber YBS singing in "Goldcrest" one year in Spennymoor. Wasn't there myself but heard a recording and it sounds ok! It does sound obvious that they enjoy singing!
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    Selkirk Band up here in Scotchland, have an excellent soloist singer who plays cornet and sings and has won entertainment and soloist prizes at Whitburn and Land O' Burns Contests. I don't remember the names of the pieces but i believe they were Louis Armstrong songs. Very entertaining. Though the singing needs to be good (or perhaps bad enough, a la Les Dawson) to pull it off.