Simon Stonehouse to take Dobcross at Senior Cup

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    The newly appointed Associate Conductor for the Fairey Band, Simon Stonehouse has at the last minute, agreed to take the baton for Dobcross at this weekends Spring Festival. Dennis Hadfield and his wife Amanda were expecting their first child in June. Due to some complications with the kidneys of the baby, the birth was brought forward to Wednesday, 4th of May. Benjamin Joseph Hadfield was born at 15:10pm and weighed in at 4lbs.10 oz and was 4 weeks premature As a result of this happy yet extremely stressful time (Benjamin still has a lot of tests to be carried out to examine the problem with his kidneys) it was decided by Dennis that he would not be taking the band to Blackpool at the Senior Cup.
    The band is very excited to be working with Simon. His enthusiasm, professionalism and hard working ethics have brought a bit of stability back to the band after the shock news. It has been extremely difficult over the past week but Dennis and the band believe that we have got the right person for the job in the middle under the circumstances and that the band hopes to achieve the standards that Simon has demanded. We would like to publicly record our thanks to Simon for stepping in at the last minute and for all the hard work and effort that he has put in this week. We would also like to congratulate Mr and Mrs Hadfield on the birth of their first son and our thoughts are with them through this stressful period.