Silverado - Exciting New Brass Band Release

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  1. TheMusicCompany

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    Comp. Bruce Broughton
    Arr. Gareth Green

    New Brass Band Release
    This is an exciting new release for brass band. It had its contesting debut at the Butlins Mineworkers contest 2008 when it was featured by The Virtuosi GUS Band in their entertainment programme. Anyone who heard this piece will know why it's worth adding to a band's repertoire - it definitely 'ticks many of the boxes'!

    It's a fantastic arrangement of themes from the lesser known film 'Silverado'. But with a composer like Bruce Broughton and the meticulous attention to scoring detail of Gareth Green, this is a superb addition to your forthcoming concert programmes.

    The arrangement is suitable for a good 2nd Section/1st Section band upwards and offers a lively and effective contribution to a programme. Whether you know the original film score or not, you'll find that this is extremely well suited to the brass band genre.

    Available from The Music Company (UK) Ltd
    Priced: £25.00 (+p&p)​
  2. brasscrest

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    This score was Broughton's first big splash in the motion picture scene - most of his previous work had been in television. Nominated for an Academy Award (Oscar).

    Should be a fine addition to the brass band repertoire (although it's a bit puzzling that it took 23 years to happen!)
  3. TheMusicCompany

    TheMusicCompany Supporting Member

    Thanks for the extra bit of info re the Oscar etc.

    I agree, when you hear how perfect it is for brass band, it's unbelievable it hadn't been taken on board before now. A great decision by Gareth Green and lucky for us all I guess!
  4. DocFox

    DocFox Retired

    I loved the movie and the music. I was hoping, like so many websites now, you might be able to hear it or part of it. Hard to buy music "blind" IMO. I guess someone has to be the first to give it a go, but even a Finale or Sib Music MP3 that would give you an idea would be nice.

    Dr. Jim
  5. TheMusicCompany

    TheMusicCompany Supporting Member

    Dear Dr Jim

    Thank you for your constructive comment - and you are absolutely right about needing an audio reference point.

    If you've had a chance to look through other areas of our online shop at, you may have noticed we're already taking this initiative and including sample scores for viewing through Adobe Acrobat. We are also, wherever possible, providing soundfiles of extracts from proper recordings of our catalogue pieces, rather than the somewhat squeaky versions that can come from Finale/Sibelius produced renditions.

    However, we fully understand that when budgets are so tight, bands need to have the reassurance of knowing what they are committing to. In line with our normal practice of offering sample scores, this should be available for Silverado to view online in the next couple of days. In addition, and taking on board what you have said, we shall also produce a Finale soundfile as an interim audio solution until we can replace it with a proper recording. This may at least be of assistance when following the score perhaps?

    In the meantime, you may be interested to know that its 'performance pedigree' is growing impressively - this piece has been earmarked for a BBC Radio 2 'Listen to the Band' broadcast and for a rather spectacular concert across the pond later next month. Once we receive more details we'll let everyone know so they can hear it first hand.

    Thanks again for your suggestion, and we hope the Finale soundfile (which should be available in a couple of days) will help you and others a little more in making an informed choice.

    Obviously we're a bit biased ... but it's a real cracker of a concert/ entertainment contest work, and has the rare quality of being a piece that seems to be enjoyed by band and audience alike!

    Bye for now,

    The Music Company

    Online Shop:
  6. DocFox

    DocFox Retired

    Well, with good sound files (I know, I have spent TOO MUCH money on them ;) ) The Finale or Sibelius MP3 files are OK. They are no longer the calliope sound of even a few years back.

    They give you an idea of the sound. My guess is 99% of composers today use one or the other (I own both and I dabble).

    And they have one other advantage, you can put them up without worrying about somebody stealing them of the website. The are OK to good, but never "great".


    Now that would be great. Since the stream the BBC broadcasts, even us Yankees can listen in.

    Well, if it was not good in your opinion, why would you publish it? You have every right to be proud of a work you sell.

    Owning the radio station like I do, I own 150 brass band CDs and 130 are "on the air' (that always sound funny for an internet station). I look through CDs and look through CDs. Sometimes, the same pieces have been recorded dozens and dozens of times (i.e I have about 10 copies of different bands playing "Pastime With Good Company" or "Danny Boy").

    Fresh music excites me. Do let us know if/when it will be on the BBC 2.

    And thanks for the reply.

  7. TheMusicCompany

    TheMusicCompany Supporting Member

    Silverado - Sound & Vision!

    Just to let everyone know, the Silverado entry in our online catalogue now has a Finale Soundfile (MP3 format) and a collection of score extracts (PDF format) available to listen to and look at.

    You can download these direct from the site by visiting:

    and clicking on the appropriate link from the Silverado entry.

    The soundfile is a temporary solution but, in response to comments from our customers (potential and existing) we wanted to make things as easy as possible for everyone to see for themselves why this is such a good addition to their repertoire.

    With kind regards,

    The Music Company
  8. TheMusicCompany

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    Silverado - US Acclaim!

    Following its recent release, Silverado has now gained international acclaim!

    We're delighted to have received feedback from the world famous Brass Band of Battle Creek who performed Gareth Green's arrangement of Silverado at their recent concerts in Florida with Conductor Richard Evans and guest soloist, Maurice Murphy. (

    The Brass Band of Battle Creek were already in discussions with The Music Company regarding items for their Florida tour concerts which took place earlier this month, but it was with particular pleasure to suggest Silverado as a programme item for them to consider.

    So impressed were the band with the quality and style of the arrangement that it generated a special 'thank you' being offered by the band's manager, Jim Gray, direct to Gareth Green. He noted that the audience and band thoroughly enjoyed the piece and that it was an all round success in the concert, "with hopes that other titles from this talented arranger will be available for future concerts."

    So, we would like to offer our own congratulations to Gareth Green for this excellent work and encourage bands on this side of the Atlantic to take a look at the piece for themselves, (

    If any of our other customers would like to offer feedback comments from their performances of our publications, we'd really welcome receiving them at The more information we are able to share about our music, the better we can tailor our services to customer needs.
  9. DocFox

    DocFox Retired

    There is little doubt that this arrangement was a long time in coming. Personally I consider Silverado one of of the best Western's made.

    After you put up the Finale sound file, you could tell it was going to be decent, if not great. I own the movie, so I got it out and watched it, listening carefully to the music.

    The Finale file does it little justice. If you get a real recording up Bands will know this will be a hit.

    I am always on the other side of things having a radio station. I know mostly what people like to hear. I look forward to hearing a real band recording. It will be a hit in my opinion!

    Dr. Jim

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