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    Just doing some research on our band and I understand that our previous band name of Killamarsh Silver Prize Band derived from winning a silver prize at the Crystal Palace contest (pre 1936 when it was burnt down). We dropped the Prize bit some years ago as the band had not contested since the early 1960s.

    I also note that there are still a fair number of bands around with silver or prize in the names of these bands or have some reference to Crystal Palace on their websites
    e.g. Long Eaton, Chesham Town, Harrogate, Watford, Cawston, Whitwell, Chapeltown, Ammanford, Parc & Dare and Kippax.

    I am trying to locate when our band won this prize and in what section did they compete. Regretably our bands old records were destroyed following the death of the band secretary many years ago. So if there are any Silver Prize band historians on here or your band has records of competing bands at Crystal Palace say between 1920 and 1935 it would be useful.
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    Wigston competed at the Crystal Palace sometime in the mid 1920's - I think they won a prize there too - there are a couple of photos on our website showing the band competing with the palace in the background and also one of our founder, Charles Moore posing on the steps outside with "Wigston Bear" (who still resides in the bandroom).

    I'll ask a few people who know more about the band's history that I do and see if I can firm up a date and if we have details of who we were competing against.
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    hi, have a look at our history site (via main site) called Robs history pages or summat similar
    or email me

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    Thanks Sharon good stuff on there. I've located a book about the Crystal Palace called a Musical Life of the Crystal Palace and there's a list of all the Champion Section winners on the IBEW web site. Noted that your band won the Second Section (Grand Shield I think although on your photo it's referred to as Cassell's Saturday Journal Shield) in 1927 but the list of winners in this section is limited. Have found reference to a Third Section and Youth Section too.
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    we have found out more info recently from the brass band archive and we will up date the site shortly. Rob is intending to do a second edition of the history book too in the future;)