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    Silsden Town Band is a very friendly non contesting brass band located in North Yorkshire with an open door policy to all beginner & experienced players alike. We require the following to build up our performing standard; -

    Solo trombone
    Tuti cornet(s)

    • We rehearse every Tuesday evening from 7pm to 9pm with 25 regular players at Gloucester Avenue Rest Centre, off Dradishaw Lane in Silsdenwhich has easy access.:tup

    We entertain a light performing schedule in the Silsden, Skipton & surrounding areas. Christmas is always a highlight with carol playing/concerts followed by at least one decent band meal!

    If contesting isn’t up your street and you simply enjoy playing this could be your band, though some of us actively contest with other local bands at 4th section standard. Our new MD aims to push the band musically while playing for fun and as Andy is also a bass player, beginner lessons are available from him.:cool:

    Contact: Claire Corp (secretary) on (01535) 634106

    or Charles Doumani (principal cornet) through the mouthpiece / via email:

    For more information visit: -

    Thank you!
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    I need mention that Silsden is actually in West Yorkshire since the village is situated on the boarder with good public transport links due to this.

    The location can be viewed by cut/pasting the following into your browser:,-1.97205|14|4&bd=useful_information&loc=GB:53.91355:-1.94834:16|BD200BY|BD20 0BY

    Thank you!
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    Couldn't get the link to work.
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    Did you cut and paste the entire link?
    Alternatively anyone is welcome to visit the bands website

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    Thank you for this Darryl.
    I'm about to post an introduction to the band and myself in the appropriate introduction thread topic with the permission of the committee. The band has never previously been mentioned on the mouthpiece forum and I would like to raise awareness and point out the good work we do in the thread.

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