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  1. cornyandy

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    Hi gang,

    I'm having fun with two particular notes, A and Ab above the stave, I can soar above these quite readily so it isn't a range problem. I am haivng lessons and will be checking my theory with him. I can "free buzz" up to G and a bit. I reckon the two are linked. What does everyone else think. (the new teacher is working out fine and has made a few very good changes very quickly) I also think its become a little mental.

    Cheers folks
  2. Andrew Norman

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    Try playing the A 2nd and Ab 1st.
    I've often found pupils have problems "slotting" thses 2 notes and a change of fingering can sometimes help.
    Your teacher will best advise you - but try this anyway.
    Good luck
  3. MoominDave

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    If you're happy to have these notes a third of a semitone flat? :confused:
  4. Andrew Norman

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    Depends on the instrument - and even more so on the player - but sometimes can just help to break the difficulty a lot of students seem to have with notes.
    Works for me......
  5. GJG

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    Might be more useful to use the triggers to correct the tuning so that the player isn't attempting to slot a note that effectively "isn't there". That is what the triggers are there for, after all. I've known several players find that their tendency to "split" high 'A's disappeared with the judicious application of a little 1st valve trigger ...
  6. davidquinlan

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    Free buzz, as in without mouthpiece? I'd say largely irrelevant.

    How do the notes fit/slot if you just let the instrument sound the pitch rather than trying to play the "correct" not you have in your ear... i.e. don't try lip up / down just to see how far out the notes are on the instrument?
    If sharp, yes they should slot better with trigger use. If they are very flat, you are going to have to get used to where the flat slot is, and from there learn how to raise that pitch.

    It's hard to say really without seeing / hearing you play. For upper register playing, sometimes players try too hard and push the pitch sharp which leads to mispitching. Other higher notes may be more forgiving as the slot may be wider on the instrument, but for A/ Ab this isn't generally the case hence all the splitting.
  7. try playing them with a practice mute with lots of support. It may seem easier without the mute then! worked for me :)
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    OP, best bet is to book a teacher and ask them...
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    I'm not that stupid beyard