Silk Stockings Trombone Slide Cream

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by merv, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. merv

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    Had some of this applied recently by an instrument technician and get the impression that my slide is a little stickier than it was. Has anybody had any experience of this product. Rated by some as the UK's best slide product. Not sure by whom or even if it's made in the U.K.
  2. I use oil Merv....but I'm intrigued about the name of the slide cream that you mention. I'm wondering what type of slide lubricating product boneists on the forum use. Cream....oil....or both.
  3. merv

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    It's a clever name Stan. I use Yamaha slide lube lovingly known as 'snot' mixed with a smal bead of Trombotine. Then spray with a fine mist of water.
    There are other well known products such as Slide O Mix and Ultrapure.
  4. I'm a Slide O Mix user. Purely because it was the only slide lube product on display at a local music shop. Maybe there are better products out there that I need to try.
  5. merv

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    Stan I'm informed that Slide O Mix is petroleum based, rightly or wrongly, and unless you clean your instrument regularly, like once week, this product can cause a buildup of residue which can eventually gum-up your slide action.
    There is a single tube Slide O Mix product called 'Rapid Comfort' which is an emergency product for when you're caught out. I carry it but haven't used it. What you use is two bottles isn't that correct with red tops?
  6. It's the Rapid Comfort. Single bottle with the black top. Should I be using this oil in conjunction with a slide cream? I just put a drop or two of the oil on each inner every 3 or 4 days.....spray water on in between oil applications.
  7. merv

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    I think Rapid Comfort is self sufficient. Just add water and stir well
  8. merv

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    Stan Google 'Trombone Slide Cleaning by Christian Griego'. Half way through this video you will hear a not too favourable reference to the product you mention!! Hope this is of interest
  9. It wouldn't be the c word would it Merv! (corrosion).
  10. merv

    merv Member

    Oh no not 'c'
    It (S O M) gums things up according to Christian. Recommends Trombotine which I bought
  11. David Evans

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    Araldite 'Super' is what most other players in the band would recommend.
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  12. Jack E

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    Oooh, nasty, David!! :eek:

  13. 2nd tenor

    2nd tenor Well-Known Member

    Ha, ha. Very witty, something to share with your own Trombone section .....

    The best slide lube that I have found is the Yamaha snot, I gave up using Rapid Comfort (which IMHO is good stuff) in favour of Yamaha's product. A slide that drags or moves even slightly unevenly might be perfectly clean and well lubricated, etc., but not in perfect alignment.
  14. merv

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  15. merv

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    Here's the Snot

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    BIGBASSBONE New Member

    Silk stockings. Yep the worst I have ever used. After 5 minute's it feels like someone is holding your slide and won't let go.
  17. merv

    merv Member

    Yes that's exactly what I found. When I felt it I thought the slide had been bent. I thought how am I going to accuse my friend of damaging it. Anyway it took several cleanings to get the stuff off and several applications of Snot to get the slide running free again. Phew! Never again will this product be used by me
  18. Slide-o-Maniac

    Slide-o-Maniac New Member

    I've been using Reka Superslide for a few years now. It seems to be very good and does not build up a nasty residue like some other products. Does anyone else have any experience or views on this? I'd be interested in your coments.
  19. Vegasbound

    Vegasbound Active Member

    I use the Yamaha 'snot' last well and unlike SoM does not cause build up..... But it really is personal preference and you should clean your slide at least once a week with road and cloth no matter which lube you use.

    Also on older horns where slide tolerances are not so tight such as Elkie 8 or 88h. Or HN White Kings then trombotine!

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