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    On Sunday 19th September, Silk Brass is opening up its rehearsal to members of the general public, local schools and brass bands, to help with preparations for the National Finals in Harrogate on 25th September.
    For one night only Silk will be moving from their bandroom at Marton to the Daneside Theatre in Congleton to give local fans a chance to see them put through their paces by their conductor, Dave Holling as they practice the first section test piece “Diversions on a Bass Theme”.
    Bandmaster, Bob Goodwin said “we’ve been working really hard, it’s not an easy piece at all – but we’re on the final leg now, with a pretty intense final two weeks. We’re hoping that we’ll get quite a few people at the Danside Theatre for our open rehearsal – not only will it give them a chance to see just what we’re doing, but it will give us a chance to put on a performance in front of an audience, which will hopefully help with any contest day nerves.”
    If time allows, the audience may even be treated to a run through of Silk’s programme for the Bolsover Entertainment Contest, which is the weekend after the Harrogate final. Bob added “this year, just like the last couple of years, we’ve been busy with contest preparations and concerts since January and we’re busy right through until Christmas. Every player’s commitment has been first class and it would be lovely if we could top the year off with success in Harrogate before our promotion to the Championship section in January.”
    Anybody is welcome to come along to the open rehearsal – start time - 8pm and entry is free.
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