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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Ryan06, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Ryan06

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    Im looking at getting a silent mute for my Euphonium. I hear there are mutes that comes with headphones so only you can hear yourself when you practice?
    if thats true..what are the best makes to buy? If you have one, what do you think of them? I would love to get one so I can practice late into the night and not have to worry about waking anyone up! :D
  2. Jan H

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    The only I know is the "Yamaha Silent Brass". They are quite pricey though...
    There also exist "practice mutes" that don't have a microphone/earphones, but I don't know much about euphniums. Perhaps other people can help you with these...
  3. Di B

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    I have a silent brass mute for euph. (yamaha) They are about £120.

    They don't cut out sound completely but they do reduce it better than a lot of mutes. Also when you use the headphones you can hear very clearly everything you are doing. I never thought I had an issue with note production until I heard it through using the headphones! Needless to say that was rectified quickly!

    I know a few players that use them and are fans. The fact you can hear yourself clearly while muted is the biggest benefit in my opinion.

    If you have a stockist near you ask if you can try one out at their premises. I did this and bought one on the spot.

    Hope this helps.
  4. wittig

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    I have a Denis Wick practice mute. I think they are about £60. It does the job as far as I'm concerned - very quiet compared to playing un-muted. It is not silent though. It is good for repeating over and over those tricky bits I need to practice as it means neighbours don't have to listen to me at full volume monotonously trying to get that fingering up to speed on that wicked semi-quaver passage that doesn't fall under my fingers.

    Helps with dynamic range and note production from my experience - really doesn't help with intonation (big surprise there!) or pitching, though since it makes the notes feel different because you receive a back-pressure from having a big thingy in your bell.

    This is the very same reason I feel it helps with note production and dynamics, since it is both supportive at low dynamics when you try to get your lips to vibrate and restrictive at high dynamics, so fast air flows are more controlled.

    Anyway this is only what I think - I'm sure people more experienced and respected may have different opinions.

    In-case I rambled a bit there, to summarize, a Denis Wick practice mute is another slightly cheaper viable option for you!
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    I use the Yamaha Silent Brass system and it virtually cuts out any sound from outside the room I am practising in (very handy when living in an apartment block).

    As Di B mentioned, using the headphones does show up some things that you wouldn't normally notice about your playing so it's well worth using. I've only had mine a few months and it's definitely made a difference.
  6. Valve pusher

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    I love my silent brass system, must have had it for the best part of ten years now and still going strong. I'd agree with what has been said about people hearing things they might normally miss too. Great piece of kit and worth every penny.
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    I have Yamaha Silent Brass for cornet. Works well and allowed me tp practice anywhere - including hotels!! This was real bonus as I have only recently started playing again after 40 year absence.