Silent Brass System for Euphonium by Yamaha

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    I have a rarely used Euphonium Slient Brass System for sale. In excellent orking condition.

    Silent Brass System for Euphonium by Yamaha
    • Play as loud as you want without disturbing others!
    • Aux in allows you to play along with CD or MP3 recordings.
    • Echo-enhanced sound mode creates large-room ambience.
    • Volume and input lo/hi controls.
    • System includes Silent Brass module, pickup mute, locking cable, belt loop/strap, button earphones, and 9V battery.
    • Module is smaller than a cassette tape
    • Output/phones jack connects to earphones, to an external sound system for sound reproduction, or to a recording system.
    Any enquires please e mail me at

    Tracey Needham
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