Silent Brass mute for Tenor Horn

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Meg, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. Meg

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    I'd really like to buy the Yamaha silent brass system but unfortunately they don't make it for tenor horns. Bass trombone mutes generally fit pretty well inside tenor horns but I've been told by Normans that it might not be a 100% fit and therefore not do its job to its full potential. Has anyone tried a bass trom silent brass mute in a tenor horn and more importantly was it any good? I don't mind it not being perfect but it needs to be reasonably quiet (ie not going to wake my 18 month old up after bed time!) and I wouldn't want the tuning to be affected.

    It would be helpful to hear if anyone has tried it out and what they think before I start trekking around to try before I buy.

  2. Gabriel Soboe

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    The normal tenor trombone silent mute system works and fits absolutely fine with the Soveriegn tenor horn. (But does make you sound like a trombone when listening through the headphones!)
    I also know players who have got and are using the flugel system.
    Like any 'silent' mute its not absolutely silent, but is certainly something I use when the kids are in bed and they wouldnt here it at all.
  3. BrianT

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    Silent Brass

    I bought a Silent Brass for my trumpet with high hopes. Nowadays I regularly use the mute bit but I never use the electronics box any more - it's way too much hassle to wire it up each time I need to use it. And I found the amplified sound quality to be ropey - too hissy for me, and the supplied in-ear headphones are cheap and nasty.
    If I were spending money on a practice mute now, I think I'd consider one of the all-acoustic ones, like a Schmute. Or I'd just buy the mute part of the Silent Brass, as the intonation is pretty good, and forego the little black box. Just my tuppence worth...
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    I bought the tenor trombone mute for a baritone, but it does not make a perfect fit in the instrument bore.

    The neck of the mute is smaller than the bell of the baritone, and pushing it further in causes the mute body to foul.

    I have not found a perfect solution to seal the mute, so sound escapes.

    Try borrowing a mute from a music shop before you buy, it can be an expensive mistake to make.

  5. Alyn James

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    1. Have a look in the bandroom for an old, unused trombone mute.
    2. Put a ring of Blu Tac around the neck.
    3. If it fits your horn, get permission to drill a couple of holes in the fat end.

    You will now have a practice mute ( worked a treat when I did this ) which will give you hours of fun....
  6. ericthered

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    Try as they have especially designed horn mutes. The designer is the guy who designed the Yamaha mute but this is supposed to be better. Could be quite costly but I'm told worth it. A lot of people here in Norway with them. Plus side is the mute is all in electronic box to lug as well.

    Hope that helps.
  7. T Winch

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    The e-brass mutes look impressive but I get the impression that the horn mutes are for French horn and not "proper" horn
  8. JimboFB

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    From my humble experience from working in a music shop selling these things, and using them for years myself, the trombone silent brass mute should work fine on a tenor horn. They dont (unless its changed recently) make a specific bass trom silent brass mute so should be fine. Our band has used them before to good (and bad) effect at times and not enountered any probs.

    The dennis wick practice mute is also quite good, but i always used to refer to it as more of a 'stamina' mute as its hard to play naturally on the instrument. Cheaper alternative to the Yamaha, but like most things there is a lot of choice out there.

    Only other thing is that the silent brass does hook up to stereos etc for you to listen through the headphones, but most people i know who have or had one got bored of fiddling round with all the wires.
  9. ericthered

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    A warning. The old "dennis wick practice mute" (black thing with tiny holes in the end) is bad for your embrochure. No point practising if you cannot get the air out and your face is all ballooned up like a monkey. Might as well buzz into a pop bottle.
  10. horn1

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    I've got a tenor trom silent brass and have had for years. Works really well with my sovreign horn
  11. Meg

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    Thanks for the responses, looks like a tenor trom silent brass mute might be the way forward. I'll try one out first just to be sure, as I was under the impression that tenor trom mutes in general are too small for tenor horns. Perhaps it's different for silent brass - I bow to your superior judgement/experience!
  12. BrianT

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    The blurb on their website says:

    The new module has a metronome function with light emitting diode, a volume knob and an echo switch, eliminating the unneeded extra features and making it even more affordable.

    ...which is OK, but if you have the trumpet/cornet version, how are you supposed to see the metronome LED? Puzzled.
  13. Hells Bones

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  14. AndyG

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    Has anyone tried a trombone best-brass warm up mute on a tenor horn? I own a Shhh Mute which is ok but isn't really quiet enough for my needs (I live with 3 unsympathetic housemates in a mid-terrace house). I just aquired one of the new wallace compact practice mutes
    and am very dissapointed. It doesn't fit inside the bell as advertised and is no quieter than the Shhh Mute. Perhaps it does not fit properly but this would be a serious design floor as the round-stamp sovereign horns (like the one I'm playing) are probably the most commonly owned ones in the UK.

    Perhaps I need to bite the bullet and just make the noise but any other recommendations would be great!
  15. westoe_horn

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    I'm suprised you found the Shhh mute too loud, i've had no problems with mine and would recommend it to anyone. Certainly better than the Denis Wick one.....

    have you got a link to the best-brass one?
  16. T Winch

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    I don't know what the mute is like but the website makes very amusing reading. I think they need a new Japanese/English dictionary :D
  17. AndyG

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    Well before I tried the Wallace I did extensive searches of internet forums (not a great source!) and many trombone players liked this best brass mute.

    As the Wallace Mute will be going back I guess I could see if one of those fits as well as the silent brass allegedly does!

    The Shhh mute is probably fine to practice with without annoying the neighbours. It isn't fine with housemates - and besides they're the only ones I care about - I have to live with them!
  18. worzel

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    I use the trombone silent brass with my Cortois and have used it with some old piece of junk tenor horn before. Works fine in both.

  19. I agree 100% Brian

    But these days I use a shhh mute or just don't practise at home. I do that a work so no mute needed. :)

    Not a practise mute issue but I have just got a set of peter gane mute (cup and straight) is there a metal staight made for tenor horn anywhere. I'd like that as a option.
  20. DMBabe

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    Brilliant..... too funny!! :clap::clap: