Signing on from Chicago!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Lothianh, Jul 26, 2005.

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    Hello from Chicago, Illinois!

    I'm one of the few (but proud) North American tMPers. I am originally from Pennsylvania, lived briefly when I was young in Scotland, and have made Chicago my home for the past dozen years or so. Musically, I started on trumpet in elementary school but switched to tuba in 7th grade (age 12) because a) the school band needed a tuba and b) I got braces on my teeth which made playing trumpet painful. While I have played in wind ensembles, marching band, and various other groups through the years, I had never played in a brass band until early 1998 when a friend of mine dragged me off to a rehearsal for a group that was only a few months old at the time - the Prairie Brass Band.

    The rest, as they say, is history - seven and a half years later I'm totally hooked on brass bands. I play Eb Bass and am currently the treasurer and webmaster for PBB. I am also one of the people who, thinking we didn't already have enough to do, got together in a small meeting room one day and decided to launch the U.S. Open Brass Band Championships.

    When I'm not at a band event or organizing a band contest, I spend my days working as a project manager and general troubleshooter for a small software development firm. Leisure time activities include biking, the usual going out with friends for a pint or a glass of wine, and going to performances of the Chicago Symphony and the Lyric Opera. I am currently unattached, unmarried and childless, a situation which greatly concerns my mother who thinks that grandchildren would be "quite nice." My condition that the woman I marry be at least open to the idea of a 30-piece brass band playing Elsa's Procession to the Minster as part of the wedding makes her shake her head and wonder where she and my father went wrong in raising me. ;)

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    Good to have you on board, Lothian - it's good for us to learn more about what's going on "across the pond", and always interesting to get a different perspective on things.
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    She didn't go wrong at all. Some of us round here would expect nothing less. Unfortunately for you I'm already taken but keep looking there'll be someonone for you somewhere :clap:
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    Welcome on board sir! :hi

    Nothing wrong with that, except we prefer the Snell arrangement. Vic decided at the grand old age 13 she wouldn't be getting married without a band playing that for her. She's still only 15 now, got a way to go yet. :biggrin:
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    I can just imagine the MD saying "Now give it a bit of bounce" ;)