Siddis Brass 2014

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by Aidan, Oct 31, 2014.

  1. Aidan

    Aidan Active Member

    Bergen, Norway

    Norway's entertaintment competition, Siddis Brass, kicks off this coming Saturday from Stavanger's new concerthall.
    As always it'll be streamed live by TV2 Sumo.

    I think it costs around a fiver for a months subscription. All the bands in the championship, 1st and 2nd section are streamed and performances are saved online to view later.
    Here's the runners and riders and what time everyone is on:

    Hope people will tune in, always lots of new arrangements/compositions performed and all of Norways top bands will be scrapping it out in the Elitedivisjon.
    The Gala concert is Stavanger Brassband with international trombone soloist Lito Fontana and Stavanger Symphony Orchestra's tubaist, Øyvind Grong.
  2. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    Hadleigh, Essex
    Thanks for the link, Aidan, and it's something I'd recommend - easy to sign up to and always great playing and entertainment. Only sorry I'm too busy at the moment to take advantage of it this year.
  3. jezza23361

    jezza23361 Member

    Any tips on signing up - I can't work out how to do it at the moment - Norwegian not a strong language skill.

  4. trm

    trm Member

    Go to the link provided by Aidan.
    In the upper right corner there is a blue button labeled "registrer deg", which loosely transcribes into "register".
    In the next step you are presented with two choices, one for the regular and one for the premium account. The regular account will cost you NOK 99,- for the first month (9,223 British pound sterling at the time of writing), then NOK 129,- for each consecutive month ( amounts to 11,90,- at the time of writing). Assuming you are opting for the regular account press the orange button labeled "Velg periode" to the left of the screen.
    In the next step I see there are further options, the first one is the campaign starting at 99,- for the first month then going up to 129,- for each consecutive month. The second option is a pay-by-week offer, amounting to some NOK 49,- pr week (4,52 pounds, this must be what Aidan is mentioning in his post). And the last offer is to pay for a full year, at NOK 1199,- (110,58 pounds). The middel option and one week subscription should be sufficient to watch the Siddis competion, but I leave that choice up to you.
    Choosing the middle option ("uke" = week) you come to the registration page. The fields translates as follows:
    Fornavn = first name
    Etternavn = last name/family name
    Brukernavn (e-post) = username (e-mail address)
    Passord = password (needs to be entered twice)
    Fødselsdato = date of birth
    Dag = day
    [The middle field supplies months in a drop down menu system, should be fairly self-explanatory]
    År = year
    Mobilnummer = mobil number (note change the country code as applicable)
    The last box needs to be ticked. "Jeg samtykker til vilkårene" = I agree to the terms and conditions
    The next option is not that easy to explain and I can only follow it so far, but:
    You are presented with two options/methods of payment. The first of which requires a Norwegian bank account and a secure solution for online payment. I assume this will be unavailable for most foreigners. The second option allows you to pay through and SMS to your phone. I have no idea whether this works on foreign registered phones, you can probably only find out by testing. Please note that there is an addition to the price when using this option with an added NOK ,- to the (in this example) weekly price. The total should then add up to NOK 59,- (5,44 pounds) for one week of viewing.
    I can only wish you the best of luck in trying this. I already have my account set up and thus will not need a second.
    If you need help in translating any further instructions I would suggest using google translate or put it up here. Aidan or myself (and perhaps others) should be able to help out.
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