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  1. P_S_Price

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    I use capella mainly because of its price comapared to many others. Also with Tonica you can quickly get a basic 4 part harmony that you can expand.

    But I do actually think that Sibelius is a better product. Its just Im not a student and Capella is significantly cheaper and does a bang up job (ask my Band whenever we are asked to knock together a CoE hymn tune arrangement).
  2. GJG

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    MakeMusic's Finale "Notepad" will allow you to create a workable SATB hymn-tune arrangement for brass band, and costs $10 (download only); I don't know what Capella costs ...
  3. tgfoxley

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    I managed to get Sibelius for an even cheaper price than the education package by buying Sib Student and then taking them up on an offer to upgrade to the full software

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